Prof. Georg-Christof Bertsch

Honorary professor
Intercultural Design

Prof. Heiner Blum

Experimental Spatial Concepts

Prof. Dr.-Ing. (Arch.) Alex Buck

​​Honorary professor
Brand Strategy

Prof. Peter Eckart

Integrative Design
​Product Language

Prof. Dr. Martin Gessmann

Theory of Culture and Theory of Technology

Prof. Klaus Hesse

Conceptual Design

Prof. Dr. Markus Holzbach

Form Generation and Materialisation

Prof. Tatjana Ivschina

Stage and Costume Design
​representation professorship

Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke

History of Art

Prof. Petra Kellner

Color design
Intercultural Design
​Product Language

Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp

History of Design
​Design Theory

Prof. Eike König

Graphic Design and Illustration

Prof. Martin Liebscher


Prof. Sascha Lobe


Prof. Dipl.-Phys. Werner W. Lorke

New Materials and Technology

Prof. Alexander Oppermann

Electronic Media

Prof. Rotraut Pape


Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch


Prof. Gunter Reski


Prof. Dr. Marc Ries

Sociology and Media Theory

Prof. Siglinde Spanihel

Furniture Design

Prof. Manfred Stumpf

Conceptual Drawing and Life Drawing

Prof. Dr. Kai Vöckler

Endowment Professorship
​Creativity in Urban Context

Prof. Susanne Winterling


Prof. Frank Witzel

Text (Friederichs Stift.)

Prof. Frank Georg Zebner

​Product Language
Technical Products and Product Systems

Prof. Dr. Hans Zitko

Theory of Perception