• Discharges basic administrative duties
  • Plans and organizes all administrative activities
  • Handles budgetary, staff-related and legal affairs for the entire university
  • In charge of change, process and quality management
  • Concludes all contracts of major importance

Dr. Susanne Eickemeier

T +49-69-80059-103/104

Main building, room 107

Organigram stand 16 02 22

Executive Board's office

  • Contact point for all matters relating to the university’s central committees and affairs relating to university administration
  • Telephone switchboard including settlement of accounts
  • Procurement of office supplies
  • Central registrar

Silke Indinger

T +49-69-80059-102

Main building, room 106

IT Support

  • System administrator
  • Processing of enquiries and fault reports
  • General advice relating to IT

Dennis Köster

T 069.80059-138


Matthias Keller

T 069.80059-138/139


Alfred Berghoff

T 069.80059-138/155



Hier finden Sie verschiedene Step-by-Step Anleitungen Rund um den e-Mail-Server.

Zur Anmeldung nutzen Sie bitte Ihren HfG-Account, den Sie auch für das WLAN, BBB etc. benutzen.

Bei weiteren Fragen oder Problemen schreiben Sie uns bitte eine e-Mail an neben stehende Mail-Adresse!


Einrichtung VoIP-Client (für Mitarbeitende)

Hier finden Mitarbeitende die Anleitung zur Einrichtung des VoIP-Clients zur Telefonie via WebBrowser (Chrome, Firefox), Softphone-App (nur für Windows) oder iOS/Android-App.



Der Virenschutz ist für Geräte von HfG-Mitgliedern (Studierende, Lehrende und Mitarbeiter_innen) lizensiert. Der Download des Installationspaketes ist nur in den Hochschulgebäuden möglich:

Mit Beendigung des Studiums oder des Arbeitsverhältnisses, endet auch das Nutzungsrecht der Software.


Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Nutzungsvertrag Ende 2022 ausläuft und das Softwareprodukt vom Hersteller aus abgekündigt wurde. Wir informieren, sobald wir eine Ersatzlösung anbieten können.


Im Zuge der Corona-Krise bietet die IT-Abteilung einen externen Support via TeamViewer an. Laden Sie sich hier den TeamViewer-Quick-Support herunter und starten diesen. Die folgend angezeigten Informationen »Ihre ID« und »Passwort« geben Sie dann der IT-Abteilung telefonisch durch, damit der Support-Mitarbeiter auf Ihr System zugreifen kann.


Hier finden Sie Anleitungen für die Konfiguration des Campus-WLAN »HfG-Hotspot«.


Digital Transformation Office

In response to the immensely increased digitalisation requirements at universities, the Digitalisation Officer supports the strategic planning and operational implementation of current and future digitalisation projects at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main in the areas of research & teaching, administration, basic infrastructure.

Secretary’s office for students

  • Advises applicants on places at the university
  • Admission conditions and course options
  • Advises students on administrative matters
  • University elections

Ute Schulz (Head)

T +49-69-80059-201 

Schlossgrabengasse 1, EG

Eva Goliasch

T +49-69-80059-201 

Schlossgrabengasse 1, EG​​

Andrea Merkel

T 069.80059-201 

Schlossgrabengasse 1, ground floor

Opening hours

due to situation currently only reachable by mail to

Postal address

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main


Schloßstraße 31

63065 Offenbach



Büro für Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainability: That means climate justice, solidarity and resource awareness. Above all, it means rethinking - also at the HfG Offenbach.

Universities play a significant role in the transformation to a sustainable society. The Office for Sustainability bundles, coordinates and initiates activities at the university. Suggestions, criticism and hands that help shape the future are welcome.

Human Resources department

  • Recruitments
  • Personnel-related affairs for public servants, employees, workers and student assistants at the university
  • Teaching positions and matters relating to teaching staff
  • Settlement of travel costs
  • Rental affairs (e.g., guest apartments)
  • Contracts for work and labour
  • Guest lectures

Christine Dertinger (Head)

T +49-69-80059-128

Aurelia Warzecha

T +49-69.80059-170​

Yvonne Truber (Travel expense report​)

T +49-69.80059-200​​

Bettina Zühlke

T 069.80059-191​

Yvonne Truber

T +49-69-80059-200

General inquiries

Answering machine +49-69-80059-128

Fax +49-69-80059-129

Main building, room 22


Finance Department

  • Financial planning and budget controls
  • Administration of third-party funding
  • Invoicing by the university and settling of all accounts by the university
  • Donations
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Annual financial statements

Joachim Kreiter (Head)

T 069.80059-124

Renate Auth (Procurement, Purchasing)

T 069.80059-126

Monika Kieslich (Financial accounting)

Varvara Pomoni (Controlling, Financial accounting)

T 069.80059-110

Noriko Falk-Suzuki (Financial accounting, Procurement)   

T 069.80059-280

Service hours

Monday to Thursday 9 to 11 a.m.
and by appointment


Financial Statement

  • Financial Statement
  • Reporting

Silke Schirmer

Facilities Management and Technical Services

  • Buildings maintenance
  • Planning for smaller conversion projects
  • Technical plant: HVAC, compressed air, electricity supplies, lighting for the main lecture hall, telecoms
  • Safety and maintenance of such plant
  • Disposal of toxic waste
  • Security of buildings and land, first aid
  • Equipment: elevators, sewage, telephones in remote locations
  • Technical equipment, copiers, projectors, ladders, fire extinguishers, sound system, Aula, etc.
  • Key issue
  • Preparation of teaching and event rooms, event support
  • Couriers
  • Preparation of the central event space (Aula, Room 101 and the attic of the castle Isenburg) and the corridors and foyers

Michael Langsdorf (Head)

T 069.800 59 -131

Hauptgebäude, Raum 18

Facility Management 

Ivan Bolotin

Magnus Endres

Yvonne Ehmes

Jürgen Kaiser

Thorsten Kircher

Francesco De Lisi​​

T 069.800 59-132

Hauptgebäude, Raum 19

Yvonne Ehmes (Gatekeeper)

T 069.80059-148

Hauptgebäude, Raum 17

Facility Management Geleitsstraße

Matthias Wachtel

Geleitsstraße 103

Antonius Vogt 

T 069.80059-135

Geleitsstraße 103

Cleaning Service

Mirjana Kostadinovic
​​Susanne Schittek


Key issue

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 to 11:30 a.m​.


Faculty offices

  • The Faculty Offices are the decentral administrative offices for the faculties.
  • They act as focal points for all matters relating to the respective faculty’s activities, in particular teaching, projects, events, etc. They help you get in contact with the right person in the faculty or in central administration.
  • The Faculty Examinations Committees are responsible for the process of admissions to Vordiplom and Diplom examinations and for registrations for said examinations, and provide information on all examination matters

School of Art

Anja Mainardi-Ploch


Yvonne Truber 

(Faculty Office)

T 069.80059-200   

Christina Wittich

(Examination Board)

T 069.80059-123

Eva Novak (Admission Exams)

T 069.80059-276

School of Design

Christiane Kühn-Wilkens


T 069.80059-150

Elvira Werner

(Examination Board and Admission Exams)

T 069.80059-277


The HfG’s officers support and advice staff and members of the university on a variety of issues.

Office for data protection

Christiane Kühn-Wilkens

T 069.80059-150

Equality Officer

Christa Scheld

T 069.80059-295

Officer for the Severely Disabled

Dr. Susanne Eickemeier

T 069.800 59-103/104

Security Officer

Michael Langsdorf

T 069.80059-131

Staff Council

The Staff Council represents the interests of HfG employees.

Riedel, Friedhart

Anja Bernhadt

Yvonne Truber

Paula Schneider

Michael Langsdorf

Officer for the severely disabled

Officer for the severely disabled

The officer is the focal point for all matters relating to the severely disabled and equal opportunities, such as ensuring that workstations are available for the physically challenged, providing assistance when filing applications to the various public offices, etc. The officer for the severely disabled is elected every four years by the severely disabled members of the teaching and administrative staff and those staff members who come under equal opportunities systems.

​Anja Bernhardt

T +49 (0)69.800 59-146

T +49 (0)69.800 59-161 

Hauptgebäude, Raum 208b/207a​​

Job adverts

This is where you can find adverts for vacant positions at HfG Offenbach. Please contact HR if you have any questions.