​Opening hours during the summer semester 2023

The library is open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Fridays.

Library use, as well as a longer working stay in the library, is again possible for all university members.

Due to the limited number of workstations, longer work stays for non-university members are only possible during the lecture-free period after registration.

Christa Scheld


Clara Weisel

Student assistants

Sophie Körbler

Tobias Krämer

Johanna Schlegel

David Schönfeld


Main building, Room 313–315

T 069.80059-295

Opening hours during lecture period

Mon - Thu  9am - 6pm

Fri 9am - 1pm

Opening hours during lecture-free period

Mon - Wed 9am - 5pm

Thu and Fri by appointment



»I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library«

(Jorge Louis Borges)

With HfG Offenbach having been founded in 1970, work began in 1971 on systematically assembling the library. It currently has a collection of artistic and academic works totaling more 55,000 media units. The collection is based on the university’s classes, research areas, and artistic themes. The collections main emphases, art/history of art, architecture, visual communication, product design and theater studies are complemented by basic literature from the fields of philosophy, sociology, media theory and cultural history.

The library is located on the 3rd floor of the main building at Schlossstrasse 31. During opening hours it serves as a reference library to all those with an interest in the subject. Only members of the university can take material out on loan. For further details please refer to the rules governing the use of the library.

The HfG-library/media library has individual work stations and group stations. Catalog and Internet research is possible at three stations.

There are also a scanner and a photocopier available for use.

The library team consists of Christa Scheld, M.A. (Diplom-Bibliothekarin, Management) and Clara Weisel (Bibliothekearin, B.A.) as well as four student assistants.

We provide a service that includes providing information about the library’s own collection and help with researching and procuring literature not available at HfG, as well as basic help with academic works. In the process we aim to correspond as little as possible to the negative model of a library created by Umberto Eco in his lecture “The Library”. 

Finding media

  • Monographs
  • Magazines
  • CD/DVD
  • Degree theses
  • e-Books/e-Journals/databases


The collection of monographs is openly accessible and arranged in line with a proprietary numerical system based on the main emphases of the library’s collecting activities. It can be researched in full via the web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and can for the most part be taken out on loan.

On a regular basis the library acquires more than 60 German and foreign magazines. The current issues for the year of all the magazines acquired can be perused in the reading room. They cannot be taken out on loan. Due to a lack of space, issues from previous years are stored elsewhere and must be ordered in order to be taken out on loan. The magazines can be researched via the web OPAC as well as on the list below.

In addition to the classic print media, the HfG library also has an extensive collection of CDs and DVDs. These can also be researched in full via the web OPAC.

HfG’s own Video Talks series of DVDs featuring selected recorded lectures given at the university embraces in excess of 100 titles and can be taken out on loan from the library.

The library also has a collection of all the degree theses written at the university since 1974. Now numbering more than 2,000, these theses from both departments can be viewed during opening hours. Copyrights prevent them from being taken out on loan.

With the Online-Catalogue of the Südwestdeutscher Bibliotheksverbund (SWB) you can search for and get access to license free online resources such as e-books, e-journals and other databases.

You need books or other media (journals, DVDs) that you were not able to find within our Online-Catalogue? Please send us your suggestions via e-mail (, inform us by telephone (069.80059-295) or print out and submit the form linked here. We will contact you immediately to tell you whether we can acquire your suggestion or if not where you can find what you need for example at the German National Library, one of the Frankfurt Museum Libraries, the Offenbach City Library or the document delivery service »Subito«.

Verbund der Frankfurter Museumsbibliotheken

Südwestdeutscher Bibliotheksverbund

Weiterführende Links zur Recherche (Auswahl)




Digitale Ressourcen


Photo: Clemens Mitscher

Using media

During opening hours the library is open to all those with an interest in the subject. Only HfG members can take material out on loan. The loan periods are:

  • for monographs: 4 weeks
  • for magazines: 2 weeks
  • for CDs + DVDs: 1 week

The loan period can be extended in person, by telephone, or by e-mail. Media already out on loan can be reserved.

Basic literature and media on the respective courses are made available as a semester apparatus in the library, which is usually available for the duration of one semester during opening hours. DVDs and CDs of the semester apparatuses are available at the lending desk. The literature is offered for this period as loan stock with reduced loan times.



Here you will find the semester apparatus for the summer semester 2023.




Digitale Bibliothek


Im Rahmen des digitalen Semesters können Sie über die Bibliothek ab sofort auch E-Books benutzen. Der Zugang zu dem von uns ausgewählten Anbieter erfolgt über diesen Link.​

Sollten Sie auf der Seite noch kein Konto haben, können Sie sich unter Angabe Ihres Namens und Ihrer Email-Adresse unter »Neues Konto« anmelden. Sobald Sie vom HfG-Bibliotheksteam freigeschaltet wurden, können Sie in der Datenbank nach E-Books recherchieren, wenn wir diese bereits haben, online lesen, herunterladen usw. Falls wir den Titel noch nicht im Bestand haben, können Sie uns diesen über den Button »Anfrage« zum Kauf vorschlagen.

Wenn Sie wissen wollen, welche Titel wir bereits als E-Books haben (zurzeit sind es über 300), müssen Sie nach der Anmeldung zur »Erweiterten Suche« navigieren. Wenn Sie dann ein Häkchen bei »E-Book Status: Im Bestand der Bibliothek« setzen und diesen Auftrag mit »Enter« abschließen, wird Ihnen eine Ergebnisliste angezeigt. Da diese doch schon sehr umfangreich ist, werden Ihnen links neben der Ergebnisliste verschiedene Eingrenzungsmöglichkeiten angeboten. Sie können die ganze Liste, die zunächst nach »Relevanz« sortiert ist, aber auch nach »Titeln«, »Verfassern« oder »Verlag« sortieren. Oder Sie sehen sich einfach die unter Downloads angegebenen thematischen Listen an, in denen wir eine Auswahl an E-Books aus verschiedenen Gebieten zusammengestellt haben.