International Exchange

Strategy for Internationalization

Art, design and media realities are characterized by cross-media and cross-cultural convergences. This is reflected in the structure of our educational system. HFG Offenbach's cross-media strategy is innovative and future-oriented. It aims to set new national and international standards, keep pace with new technological developments and train artistic talents that will be able to meet the demands of a landscape of constantly changing occupational profiles, think in cosmopolitan ways and find interdisciplinary problem-solving approaches.



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Personal consultation

Please make an appointment by phone or e-mail.

Postal address

International Office

University of Art and Design

Schlossstrasse 31

63065 Offenbach am Main


Strategic goals

  • to successfully compete in the areas of teaching, research and the advancement of art and design on an international level and to further develop the university’s individual profile.
  • To prepare university graduates for the challenges of a global job market and to educate them as cosmopolitan individuals,
  • to create an international environment for all university staff and students.

Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Offenbach's internationalization is not an end in itself but rather is being implemented to satisfy the demand for the highest academic and artistic quality.

Guidelines of the internationalization strategy

International partnerships

HfG Offenbach is strengthening its international network with renowned partners. In this regard, the principles that apply are that collaboration has to be between equals and that research and teaching are mutually defining. The goal is to establish cooperation based on mandatory quality standards.

International studies

HfG Offenbach is purposefully orienting all of its study paths internationally, while taking each individual field’s specific academic culture into account. The Internationalization of Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach is the guiding principle in this.

International agents

HfG Offenbach provides additional training for its staff and actively seeks to recruit internationally experienced staff: outstanding academics and artists that have international networks at their disposal as well as interculturally competent personnel for the administrative sector. The recruitment of particularly suited international students is also being fostered. 

International mobility

HfG Offenbach encourages the international mobility of its undergraduate and graduate students as well as of its staff.

International structure 

HfG Offenbach supports the internationalization process on all levels and actively seeks to attract external funding. 

The guidelines for the internationalization strategy are coordinated by the International Office and implemented in collaboration with the Executive Board and the individual departments. 


(Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Liste der HfG Partneruniversitäten gerade aktualisiert wird.)




England (*)



















South Africa

South Korea


* The countries marked with a star belong to the Erasmus+ program countries.   

Nichts für Sie dabei?

Sie können sich selbstständig außerhalb von Programmen für ein Auslandsaufenthalt (Freemover) bei ihrer Wunsch-Universität bewerben. Im Rahmen vorhandener Möglichkeiten kann das International Office der HfG beraten.


Outgoing students – studying abroad

To make your stay abroad a success timely and comprehensive preparation is essential, and not only regarding the language. The following links provide you with specific information on the education and university systems of your destination, and offer general travel information and facts about the country itself.

DAAD Country Information worldwide 
Country and travel information Federal Foreign Office 

Hfg bewerbungsfristen  korr 20 09 2022


Eu flag erasmus  vect pos

The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD is a national agency responsible for implementing and executing the program in Germany.
In addition, BAföG aktuell also provides very extensive information on the Erasmus Plus Program on its Website.

The Erasmus Plus Program for HfG students

If you are studying for a diplom you can take out a maximum of 24 months for an Erasmus program of your choice. Those studying towards a doctorate can spend twelve months abroad on the Erasmus Plus program. You can divide this time as you wish between study and internship. Moreover, it is possible to obtain funding first during diplom studies and subsequently during doctoral studies, making for a total of 36 months spent abroad through the Erasmus Plus program!

  • Studying abroad between three and 12 months (between July 1 of any year and  September 30 of the following year) at one of the HfG partner universities
  • Internships abroad or Erasmus placements from two to 12 months
  • Countries participating in Erasmus are the 28 EU member states plus Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Turkey, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • Students pay no fees at their guest universities
  • Students can attend a language course at their guest university 
  • Before travelling abroad students must check with their department whether the academic achievements gained abroad will count as part of their studies
  • Students will receive monthly financial support – including those receiving a BAföG grant 
  • Special funds are available for students with special needs to cover the additional expenses incurred abroad
Green travel picture

Green Travel

The Erasmus program is to be made more sustainable. Therefore, there is now the possibility to travel green and get a bit closer to the EU Green Deal - to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Erasmus+ students can apply for a grant of 50 euros for traveling by sustainable means of transport (bus, train, carpool). Travelers by ferry (e.g. to Scandinavia) will also receive the grant if the rest of their trip is by bus, ferry or carpool. Travelers by air, on the other hand, do not receive funding. The 50€ will be paid out after the mobility is completed.

More information on the EU Green Deal is available from the DAAD here.

New eu emblem
Seiten aus rz jb 2014 druck 2

Exchange project between CPUT in Kapstadt and HfG Offenbach

Photo: Berenike Eimler

Grants for France

The Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW) offers several programs for students destined to strengthen cooperation between universities, promoting young people’s experience of mobility and consequently improving their linguistic, social, intercultural and professional skills.

Students can currently apply for the following grants:

  • Franco-German university seminars
  • Grants for study-related internships in France (students who have completed no more than six semesters)
  • Grants for collecting material in France
  • Grants for studying in France for students at universities for Music & Theater / Visual Art Academies / Art and Design universities
  • Grants for intensive language courses in France​

Grants for France

Application deadlines

Grants for Franco-German university seminars

3 months before the start of the program

Grant for study-related internships in France

1 month before commencing the internship

Grant for collecting material in France 

1 month before commencing the internship

Grant for studying in France

June 15 for studying in the winter semester
November 15 for studying in the summer semester

Grant for an intensive language course in France

2 months before commencing the language course


Fulbright Grants for Studying in the United States

The Fulbright Commission fosters academic and cultural exchange between students and between academics. Every year some 700 German students have the opportunity to study at a US university as a guest student.

Fulbright Travel Grant

Application deadline for the following academic year

January 1

Fulbright One-Year Grant

August 21, 2022, 23:59 (CEST) for the 2023/24 academic year

Application deadline for the following academic year

July 1

Further Information

Img 9254

Kap der Guten Hoffnung, Südafrika

Photo: Klaus Hesse

Promos – Program to increase the mobility of German students

Students participating in this DAAD program can receive partial monthly grants and/or travel allowances.

Grants are offered for the following visits of German students/foreign students studying in Germany

  • Studying within the EU (1 month min. to 6 months max.)
  • Internships outside the EU (6 weeks min. to 6 months max.)
  • Stays abroad at universities or in firms to complete a dissertation project (1 month min. to 6 months max.)

A special grant commission selects students according to specific selection criteria.


Application deadline 

There is no set application deadline for the Promos Program. If you wish to apply for the program, please contact the International Office early to indicate your interest –even if you have not yet been accepted by a university or received an offer of a placement!


Nanjing workshop 848 jpg resize 1712xx

Workshop with Prof. Klaus Hesse at Nanjng University of the Arts (NUA)

Photo: Klaus Hesse

DAAD One-Year Grant for further artistic education abroad

The DAAD awards grants to highly qualified students of Music, the Visual Arts /Design/Film, the Performing Arts (Dance/Acting/Directing/Musical) for further artistic education abroad. The program is offered for all regions of the world. 

DAAD One-Year Grant

Application deadline for studying the following academic year

October 1

Further Information


Further grant options

Can be found in the DAAD grant database, the grant guide of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research or at The DAAD also provides a list of various funding organizations.
Take a look for yourself!

Eine Übersicht über alle DAAD-Programme für Auslandsstipendien und die Förderungsmöglichkeiten für das Hochschuljahr 2021/2022 finden Sie hier:


 Auch unter Stipendienlotsen des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung  oder unter sowie ICU Stipendium finden Sie interessante Fördermöglichkeiten. Des Weiteren bietet der DAAD eine Liste verschiedener Förderorganisationen an.


Ebenfalls lohnend kann eine Sichtung einschlägiger Stiftungen sein:


Weitere Informationen rund um den Studienaufenthalt im Ausland gibt es hier.

National cooperation

The Hessen-QueenslandHessen-Massachusetts and Hessen-Wisconsin programs aim to promote the exchange of students and university staff between Hessen and Queensland, Australia, Massachusetts, USA and Wisconsin, USA.
They are based on agreements between universities in Hessen and universities in the state of Queensland, Australia and the states of Massachusetts and Wisconsin, United States. These national cooperations are instrumental in making Hessen universities more international.


Application deadline June 1 for the following year

Semester one: end of February to the end of June 
Semester two: end of July to the end of November 


Application deadline November 1 for the following year

Fall semester: end of September to the end of December
Spring semester: end of January to mid-May


Application deadline November 1 for the following year

Fall semester: end of September to the end of December
Spring semester: end of January to mid-May


BAFöG grant for study abroad

Students can apply for a special BAFöG grant (Auslands-BAFöG) to finance their studies abroad. As with the grant for students studying in Germany the amount they receive is based primarily on their parents’ income or their own income should funding not be based the parents’ income.
However, unlike grants for home study those for study abroad also cover travel costs, the costs incurred for health insurance and any additional costs that might arise in non-EU countries. 

This may mean that even if you are not eligible for a domestic grant, you might receive BAFöG allowances during your study period abroad.

Img 1494

University Oslo and Askerhus

Photo: Marianne Löhr

Auslandsförderung MainSWerk Studiendarlehen

  • für studienbedingte Auslandsaufenthalte
  • Höhe bis zu 6.000 Euro (Einmalzahlung), Betrag flexibel wählbar
  • Rückzahlung startet 12 Monate nach Ablauf der Auslandsförderung bzw. 12 Monate nach Ende der Regelstudienzeit
  • Zinslos; einmalige Bearbeitungsgebühr von 5 % der Darlehenssumme (wird mit der letzten Auszahlungsrate einbehalten)
  • Als Sicherheit muss eine Bürgin / ein Bürge mit regelmäßigem Aufenthalt in Deutschland und einem Einkommen oberhalb des Pfändungsfreigrenze gestellt werden
  • Keine Alters- oder Semesterhöchstgrenze, kompatibel mit anderen Einkommensarten wie z.B. BAföG. Möglich auch ergänzend zum »normalen« MainSWerk-Studiendarlehen


Online hier

T: 069/798-34906

Outgoing students – internships abroad

Are you interested in an internship abroad? We also recommend doing an internship in addition to your studies abroad.
We wish you every success in planning your internship abroad!

New eu emblem

Internships in Europe for students

The EU’s Erasmus Placements Program offers students diverse options for doing an internship within Europe. Funding is available for students who undertake an internship for at least three months in an EU member state, an EU candidate country (also Turkey) or in Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, or Switzerland. The Erasmus Placements Grant constitutes a monthly allowance of EUR 350 and should last at least three months and not exceed 12 months.

Internships in Europe for Graduates

Graduates can receive funding for an internship in Europe (excluding Germany) with the Leonardo da Vinci Program. The Leonardo ad Vinci Program is ideally suited to bridge the period between completing studies and beginning work. Depending on the country in question allowances vary between EUR 700 and 1,000 per month. The duration for the placement abroad should be between two and six months.

For either program students are obliged to participate in online training on intercultural skills. By accessing an alumni forum, students can get tips and information from former internees regarding flat-hunting, life in their selected country etc. Naturally, after completing the placement you will receive a certificate testifying to participation in the program.​

Where students already have an internship place they can arrange a consultation with a special advisor to determine whether the place can be funded via the Erasmus Placement or the Leonardo da Vinci Program, or whether other programs could be considered for this internship. Following consultation you need to submit your application documents to the International Office. Should your application be considered suitable a report is drawn up for you and you will be added in principle to the program.

Internships for Students outside of Europe ​

Under the PROMOS Program of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) stays abroad either for study purposes or placements can be funded with partial monthly grants and/or allowances for travel expenses.

Application deadlines

Students must accept responsibility for arranging their own placement.

  • If you have already been accepted your documents must be submitted 1 month before the start of the placement
  • For those still looking for a placement papers must be submitted 2 months before the start of the internship

Links for finding placements abroad​

Leonardo placement database

Quality-tested European internships

Videos on placements abroad



Exchange students – Icomings

Are you studying art or design at a university abroad and you would like to spend a semester at the university of art and design in Offenbach city? Then please contact the International Office of your home university to check if we already have a cooperation within ERASMUS+ or another cooperation agreement. International Offices can contact the HfG International Office directly to nominate you as an Incoming: MS Elena Rentsch,

More information here.

Incoming students

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Dear incoming students,
We are pleased that you are interested in spending an exchange semester/year at HfG! On this page we have assembled the most important information you will need to make your planning easier. If you have further questions on the application procedure, studying at HfG, life in Germany or anything else, you are welcome to contact the International Office at HfG.
The following information is for exchange students, who would like to study one or two semesters at HfG. If you would like to study more than two semesters at HfG please contact the Registrar’s Office.
Further information: Studying at HfG.

Here you will find a short film about university life in Germany. In the pocket guide for incomings you will find more helpful information. On the website international students will find further information and impressions about living and studying in Germany. And here you will find important information about health insurance in Germany.

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Semester periods

Winter semester

October 1 to March 31
Lectures from mid-October to mid-February

Summer semester

April 1 to September 30
Lectures from mid-April to mid-July

Applications deadlines

for the winter semester

May 15

for the summer semester

November ​15

course catalogue

sports program at HfG


To apply for HfG Offenbach exchange program, your home university must first nominate you to HfG. Once nominated, HfG will provide you with the details about the application procedure.


  • Student application form (signed by you and your department coordinator of your home university)
  • Letter of Motivation (free essay in English or German)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of university entrance qualification (i.e. A-level, high school diploma, gao kao)
  • Transcript of records from your home university
  • Learning Agreement
  • Portfolio

All documents should be in English or German! The documents have to be uploaded via upload-link send by the International Office of HfG. Not via e-mail!

The selection of exchange students is made mainly on a portfolio basis. There is no automatic acceptance of nominated students.


We expect a good command of English that enables incoming students to cummunicate well at an academic level. We also recommend acquiring basic knowledge of German language as it is the primarily language of instruction. HfG offers German language courses for exchange students. You can apply for the German course with this application form.

Buddy programm

The Buddy program is a collaborative initiative by HfG Offenbach’s international office and the AStA department for intercultural matters.

It aims to help international exchange students settle in to the country and university as pleasantly as possible. Here, current students play a crucial role as they function as cultural intermediaries and friends – buddies – before, during and after the international students’ arrival. They offer their time and knowledge in order to help with unexpected problems. All buddies work on a voluntary basis. 


19 April 2022
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