Student Parliament

Within the scope of legal provisions, the members of the Student Parliament (StuPa) manage the affairs of the student body. Every student has the right both to vote and stand as a candidate, and can be voted into parliament or vote for other candidates annually. The Hessen University Act (LINK) regulates the student body’s duties. Among other things it calls for the promotion of political education and awareness of civil responsibility, the nurturing of international relations between students, and involvement in the support of students. Furthermore it recommends that students set out to help themselves economically, that they be supported, and the nurturing of cultural interests.
In concrete terms this means that the StuPa passes the annual budget, discusses and makes decisions with regard to the many cultural activities, responds to current political and university policy-related events, processes information from university committees, and in this respect sees itself as a communication hub. The StuPa also maintains with the student union in Frankfurt/Main, which is responsible for HfG Offenbach.

StuPa Executive Committee

Jones Falkenberg

StuPa Senate

Setareh Alipour, Jasper Bamberger, Lina Brunner, Elisa Lou Ehinger, Jones Falkenberg, Teresa Herzog, Lily Louise Krieman, Sarah Melz, Lorenz Modler, Leonie Morbach, Balduin Mund, Nicholas Okunowski, Leah Pabst, Johanna Schuckhardt, Denise Go Siong

Representation: Biarna Diegmüller, Silvan Hahn, Jan Felix Merkel, Timon Siolvegas