Dennis siering   wohneinheiten  2013



Dennis Siering

From the mind

Together with the other classic art genres painting and drawing, the different storylines sculptural thought entails create a wealth of artistic positions which influence society and its culture. The sculpture canon, its three-dimensionality as well as the fourth dimension time, the wide range of materials and their surfaces, not to mention the context in which they are presented, are the topics of discussion in teaching and research. In the diverse forms the landscape of artistic creativity takes, and whose constant change is a part of artistic production, teaching represents not only a dynamic process, but also a dialog with other artistic concepts and disciplines. Our surroundings and their architecture, like a cup on a table, a chair in a room, rooms in a building, the buildings in a city, cities and their squares, condition our sculptural thought and activities. Three-dimensional design addresses the aesthetic appearance of these surroundings.

A sculpture can stand upright, lie, or hover in a space, can be large or small, be made of bronze or wood, can be modules of paper or industrial ready-mades, it can intervene in existing architecture, cam be light or heavy, yellow or green, stand inside or outside.

A sculpture is a sensory counterpart to our spiritual freedom.


Helene Deutsch

Über Humor in der zeitgenössischen Kunst

Betreuende: Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch, Prof. Susanne Winterling

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Student works

Daisy von mitzlaff   selbstportrait   2014



Daisy von Mitzlaff

Emilia neumann   2014



Emilia Neumann

Lutz pillong   2014



Lutz Pillong

Malte zenses   work sux but i need the bux   2014

work sux but I need the bux


Malte Zenses

Maria anisimowa   2013



Maria Anisimowa

Sven prothmann   2014



Sven Prothmann


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Roughhouse poster
24 April 2018 Tuesday

Lecture by Santiago Reyes Villaveces

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HOT POTS (What Artists Cook Up in Clay)

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