Workshop Stage and Costume Design

It requires special basic knowledge and a suitable approach to understand the theater system, the essence of a theatrical space, or giving a performance after a piece of music or script. The Stage and Costume Design Workshop aims to impart the necessary basic artistic and technical skills and the requisite tools of the trade within a cooperative Chair structure.

Klasse buehnenbild neujahrsempfang2011

Action and lighting concept for 2011's new years reception by the stage design discipline

Tools are necessary for stage and costume design in the theater profession

Model building

Depicting reality in the model, special qualities of a scale, exact simulation of an imagined or existing space and the surface that goes with it, examining the impact and possibilities of using visual elements in the space.

Theater methods

Checking figures and objects in the space. Independent movement in the (stage) space, action in the space. Experiencing the architecture and its acting area. Role of the performer and observer, storyboard, scenario, fundamentals of perspective, spatial arrangements in the theater.

Stage set up

Making stage models on a scale of 1:25, making model figures. Model building of own designs, dealing with stage parameters – recognizing the laws and properties of the theatrical space.


From the model to realization on a scale of 1:1, space and installation. Figures and/or objects in space, realization of projects conceived, construction of own designs on a scale of 1:1, material research and processing.

Theater practice

Experiencing the theater business in reality: visits to mock-up set rehearsals in theaters and simultaneously conducting mock-up set rehearsals of own stage sets in the university’s own theater laboratory. Understanding the acting / theater space.


Making costume parts, sewing techniques, pattern making, material science, textile processing and finishing techniques, presentation forms, figurine drawings, technical costume drawing, costume list, cost calculation, making own costumes based on costume designs.


Lighting design in the stage set model, fundamentals of lighting design and lighting technique, visits to lighting rehearsals, lighting plans, lighting practice, light in real space, operating model lighting systems, exploring the connection between light and space, color and space, and material and light in the model simulation and in reality in the theater laboratory.

Theater technique

Becoming familiar with and learning theater technique. Acquiring and advancing manual skills. Theater visits, experiencing the means of technically transforming a stage, visits to workshops, technical drawing, ground plans, section drawing, technical execution, details, compiling item lists and records, completing the design specifications, cost calculation.


Technical drawing CAD 2D, simulating the design as a digital 3D model.

Alternating tools

Sound design, sound direction and make-up. 

Festival der jungen talente evo gelaende 2010 kleid vpn elisabeth wendt

Festival der jungen Talente 2010

Dress by Elisabeth Wendt, EVO ground, Offenbach

Entwurf lenz lucia bushart maylin habig

In einer Etagenwohnung

Draft for Georg Büchner »Lenz«
Model, scale 1:25

Lucia Bushart and Maylin Habig

Modell 1 25 gasometer caroline stauch entwerfen in unterschiedlichen raeumen

In einem Gasometer

Draft for William Shakespeare »Der Sturm«
Model, scale 1:25

Carolin Stauch

Modellbaukaesten 1 25 bereit zur  fotografie

Bereit zum Fotografieren

Theatre models of Schauspiel Frankfurt including drafts for the stage, scale 1:25

Besichtigung grossmarkthalle

Visiting Großmarkthalle
Winter semester 2009

Modell grossmarkthalle linnan zhang ws 2009

Semester topic »Der Sturm« by William Shakespeare
Winter semester 2009
Replica of the hall, scale 1:50

Linnan Zhang