Hans Henry Gowa

1954–64 Director of Werkkunstschule Offenbach

Expressionist set designer, painter and illustrator. Born 1902 in Hamburg. H. Henry Gowa emigrated to France after the Reichstag fire. In France, he established contact with Bonnard, Chagall, Matisse and Picasso. During the Nazi occupation, Gowa survived several arrests and internment camps, finally escaping to a hideout in Southern France. After the War he headed the School of Arts and Crafts in Saarbrücken from 1946 until 1951; from 1954 until 1964 he was Director of Werkkunstschule Offenbach, which established its post-war profile under his guidance. In 1959, Gowa was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. From 1964 until 1985 he worked as an independent artist in Berlin. H. H. Gowa died in Munich in 1990. His artistic estate and his archive are on permanent loan to the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt am Main. 

Dieter Christian Döpfner

1966–71 Head of Werkkunstschule Offenbach, from 1970 onwards first Rector of HfG Offenbach

Architect, Professor of Architecture and Interior Design. Head of Werkkunstschule Offenbach from 1966-71, and the first Rector of HfG Offenbach from 1970 onwards. The reconstruction of the main building, which had been heavily damaged during the War, was completed during his tenure. Intense debate on the school’s self-image led to the issuing of a »manifesto on the situation of the Werkkunstschule« in 1968 and to the adoption of new statutes for the HfG Offenbach in 1969, which was in the process of being founded. 

Dr. Hans Voss

1971–3 Rector of HfG Offenbach

Art historian, employed at the Werkkunstschule from 1963 onwards, which he headed in 1964. Professor of Art History from 1970 until 1980. Rector of HfG Offenbach from 1971-3. Dr. Hans Voss’ time in office was marked by political conflict with the scholars active in the students’ movement of 1968. Voss advanced the establishment of Diplom examination regulations, which were issued for the Graphics and Product Design departments in 1973. 

Kurt Steinel

1974–4 Rector of HfG Offenbach

Illustrator, lecturer at Werkkunstschule Offenbach from 1958 onwards, Professor for Figurative Drawing and Illustration at HfG Offenbach from 1971 onwards, Rector of HfG Offenbach from 1974-94. Kurt Steinel, who was elected for office five times, resolutely pushed for the reorganization of the Werkkunstschule during his tenure and towards the school becoming a fully developed academy of the arts. He achieved a substantial increase in the university’s budget and the creation of new professorships. After the department of Architecture was relocated to TH Darmstadt in 1983, the losses were made up for through the creation of new professorships, for Language and Aesthetics, Stage Design, Film and Video, Sculpture, Painting and the Electronic Media field of study amongst others. During Kurt Steinel’s term in office, the rooms for Stage Design and Vehicle Design were built and the university moved to the Isenburger Schloss premises. 

Wolfgang Sprang

1994–6 Rector of HfG Offenbach

Graphic designer, Professor of Graphic Design/ Conceptual Design at HfG Offenbach from 1978-96. Dean of the Visual Communication Department from 1982-9, Rector of HfG Offenbach from 1994-6. Highly communicative Wolfgang Sprang accelerated the expansion of international contacts, for example through a contract for cooperation with the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts. 

Wolfgang Luy

1996–2000 Rector and – after the implementation of the new Higher Education Act of the State of Hessen – first President of HfG Offenbach

Sculptor, Professor for Sculpture and Three-Dimensional Design 1989 until 2015, Rector of HfG Offenbach from 1996 to 2000 and its first President after the implementation of the new Higher Education Act of the State of Hessen. By establishing the annual Open Day, Rector Wolfgang Luy opened up the university to the public. He also established planning for the construction of the new western wing. Co-author of the programmatic paper »HfG 2000« published in the »Querverbindungen/Crosslinks« brochure in 1999.

Frank Mußmann

1980–88 Chancellor of HfG Offenbach, 2000–6 first elected President of HfG Offenbach

Lawyer, Chancellor of HfG Offenbach from 1980 until 1988, then headed the City of Frankfurt/Main Culture Dept. First elected president of HfG Offenbach between 2000 and 2006. President Frank Mußmann pushed for academic reform that reorganizes the study courses at HfG Offenbach according to a modular and internationally established credit-point-system.

School of Art

Professors and Teachers for Special Tasks

Johann-Peter Baum

1982-2011 Lecturer in Printed Graphics

Studied Graphics at Bergische Universität Wuppertal, where he also held a lectureship between 1979 and 1982. After joining HfG Offenbach in 1982 as a lecturer for Printed Graphics, he re-organized the workshop, placing emphasis on etching. For many years he was active in the university as the Vice Dean of the Visual Communication department. Initiator of numerous projects, most recently in »Landschaft - Kunst in, um und mit Duchroth« (landscape - art in, around and with Duchroth). Johann-Peter Baum passed away in Frankfurt on November 15, 2011.

Vincenzo Baviera

1985–7 Professor for Sculpture and Three-Dimensional Design

Swiss sculptor, born in Zurich in 1945. Studied Architecture at ETH Zürich and Social Psychology/Ethnology at Zürich University.

Urs Breitenstein 

1984–93 artistic research assistant for experimental film in the field of Film and Video

Swiss film and media artist, born in Basel in 1951. Studied at the Art Academies of Basel, New York and Frankfurt/Main.

Lothar Eckmayer

1976-2008 Lecturer at HfG Offenbach, Central Computer Lab

Born 1944 in Franzburg/Stralsund. Typesetter apprenticeship, then studied Advertising, Publishing and Engineering Management at FH Stuttgart, Diplom 1976. Several years of experience in printing houses, newspapers, publishing houses.

Manfred Eisenbeis

1976–89 Professor of Visual Communication

Communication and design theorist, born in Berlin in 1934. Studied art and design at HfG Ulm and in Munich, philosophy, sociology, art history a communications in Tübingen and Paris. Founding member, research and teaching at the Institute for Environmental Design, Paris from 1968 until 1976, research in the areas of film, video, interactive media as well as aesthetics, new media and museum. Founding Rector and Professor for Visual Communication at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne since 1990.

Friedrich Friedl 

1983-2009 Professor for Typography

Born in Fulnek/Czechoslovakia in 1944. After an apprenticeship as a typesetter he studied Graphic Design in Darmstadt. Working both independently and in the applied arts, Fulnek also published numerous texts with publishers in Germany and abroad.  

Ulrike Gabriel

2006/7-2012 Interim Professor for Electronic Media

Artist, born in Munich in 1964. Studied philosophy in Munich from 1983 until 1985, then Painting and Applied Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich from 1985 until 1990. Postgraduate at the Institute for New Media at Städelschule Frankfurt from 1991 until 1993, taught at Codelab, Podewil Medien, Berlin from 2000 until 2002, organic farming in Argentinia from 2003 until 2006.

Walter Ganster

1976-2013 Teacher for prepress of traditional and digital printing processes.
Graphic workshop for printed sheets and technical unique book production.

Born 1949 in Dillingen-Saar. Apprenticeship as a repro photographer. Second course of education in Saarbrücken. Studied at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Department of Photographic Engineering, Diploma. 1975 Practical experience in print shops

Klaus Gelhaar

1981–92 Professor for Stage Design and Costume

Stage designer, born in Königsberg in 1938. Studied Stage Design in Berlin. Assistant to Winfried Minks at Bremen Theatre from 1964 until 1967. Worked on productions by Peter Zadek, Kurt Hübner and Peter Palitsch. Numerous set designs for theatres in Germany and abroad.

Dr. Herbert Heckmann

1980–95 Professor for Language and Aesthetics

Author and publicist, born in Frankfurt/Main in 1930. Studied Philosophy, Literary Studies and History at Goethe University in Frankfurt, numerous publications. President at the German Academy of Language and Literature from 1984 until 1996. Herbert Heckmann died in Bad Vilbel in 1999.

Helmut Herbst

1985–99 Professor for Film and Video

Painter, animator, film maker and film producer, born Escherdorf/NRW in 1934. Studied painting at HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg. Co-founder of the Hamburg Film Makers Cooperative and co-organizer of »Hamburger Filmschau« film festival. Numerous animated films also directed many films. Helmut Herbst died in Brombachtal (Odenwald region) on October 9, 2021.

Klaus Hesse

1999-2019 Professor for conceptual design
2011-2018 Dean of  School of Art (formerly Visual Communication)

Graphic designer. Studied photography and typography at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal. Afterwards he worked as art director in Hamburg, Munich and Düsseldorf. 1988 foundation of Hesse Design (together with Christine Hesse). With his office he created numerous corporate identities of well-known German companies. In 2004 Hesse Design was elected by the trade media as the most creative design studio in Germany. 2006 Klaus Hesse won the design competition "Kieler Woche". Since 1993 professor for communication design in Dortmund. Klaus Hesse has won more than 200 international awards and is member of the Type Directors Club of New York (TDC). 

Karlgeorg Hoefer

1946–79 »lecturer in typography« at Werkkunstschule Offenbach
1979 appointed Professor of Typography

Typesetter and Font Graphic Designer. Born in Schlesisch-Drehnow in 1914, died in Offenbach in 2000. Studied at Technische Lehranstalten Offenbach (Typography and Font) from 1937 until 1939. Employed at Werkkunstschule Offenbach from 1946 onwards as »lecturer in typography «, he taught the use of fonts here for 33 years until 1979, when he was awarded the professorship for typography. Thereafter he held lectureships supervising in summer schools in California and various American cities. Founded the writing workshop Klingspor Offenbach, Förderkreis Internationaler Kalligraphie e. V. in 1987. Karlgeorg Hoefer designed fonts for Linotype, Klingspor and Ludwig & Mayer, for example Salto, as well as his most widely used so-called forgery resistant font (German abbreviation FE-font) developed for the BAST (German Federal Highway Research Institute).

Dr. Eva Huber

1982–2005 Professor of Art History

Austrian art historian, born in Vienna in 1939. Studied Art History and Archeology in Munich, Paris and Vienna. Research assistant in the Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt exhibition halls. Numerous scientific publications, most notably on the work of Joseph Beuys. Professor of art history at HfG Offenbach from 1982 until 2005. Eva Huber lives in Darmstadt and Bad Aussee/Austria.

Wilfried Indinger

1966–1979 Lecturer
1979–2001 Professor of Photography

Photographer, born in Marienburg in 1936. Studied Photography in Cologne after an apprenticeship as a photographer. Worked in the Communications department of Braun AG from 1949 onwards. Wilfried Indinger lives near Eckernförde/Holstein.

Adam Jankowski

Since 1987-2013 Professor of Painting and Color Design with a research focus on »the depiction of landscape in the electronic media age«
1989-2000 and 2006-11 Dean of Visual Communication

Born in Danzig in 1948, where he also grew up. Later moved to Warsaw and to Vienna in 1961. Studied painting at Technische Hochschule in Vienna and Vienna Art Academy. Moved to Hamburg in 1970 and studied under Almir Mavignier, Bazon Brock and KP Brehmer at HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg. Studied art history at hamburg University between 1976 and 1980 under Klaus Herding and Horst Bredekamp. Has been working as a painter with numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1970. Lectureship for painting in the Faculty of Design at FH Hamburg in 1984-5.

Helmut Kraft

1970–1979 Lecturer
1979–2005 Professor of Graphic Design/ Design Methodology

Graphic designer born in Friedrichshafen in 1941. Studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Werkkunstschule Kassel, then self-employed.

Richard Kriesche

1991–6 Professor of Electronic Image Generation

Austrian media artist, born in Vienna in 1940. Studied at Vienna Art Academy and Vienna University. Numerous exhibitions, including representing Austria at the Venice Biennale of 1994. Richard Kriesche lives in Graz.

Dieter Lincke

1979–2005 Professor of Drawing, Illustration and Book Design

Drawer and book designer born in Meiningen/ Thuringia in 1940. Apprenticeship as a typesetter, then studied at Werkkunstschule Offenbach. Dieter Lincke died in Septemper 2016.

David Linderman

2003-9 Professor of Graphic Design / Interactive Design in the Communication Design subject area.

Professor for Graphic design / Interactive Design in The Communication Design subject area, born in Austin/Minnesota (USA) in 1970. Studied at the University of Wisconsin (Menemonie), completing his bachelor degree in 1994. Moved to Cologne in 1994, where he worked as a graphic designer for Meiré and Meiré Design. Worked for Springer and Jacoby in Hamburg in 1995. In 1996, he co-founded Fork Unstable Media studio based in Hamburg, Berlin and New York.

Sascha Lobe

2010-2022 Professor of Typography

Graphic designer working at the interface of architecture and graphic design. Studied by Prof. Uwe Lohrer at Pforzheim University. 1999 Founded his office L2M3, where his work includes wayfinding systems, signage, print, branding and identity projects for companies such as Mercedes Benz, Vitra and Adidas as well as cultural institutions such as the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen. Among other things, Lobe has designed the identity for the Bauhaus-Archiv Museum and worked with star architects such as Daniel Libeskind. More than 100 international awards. Represented with works in the design collections of the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich, the Neue Sammlung Munich, the Kunstbibliothek Berlin, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt. He has been a partner at Pentagram in London since June 2018.

Wolfgang Luy

1989–2015 Professor of Sculpture
1996–2000 Rector/President of HfG

Artist, born in 1949 in Trier. 1966 to 1969 apprentice photographer. From 1970 to 1974 he studied Photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. From 1974 to 1980 he studied at the Academy of Art in Düsseldorf under Klaus Rinke. In the early 1980s spatial lath construction. Since 1972 wall and floor sculptures. 1979 until 1980 scholarship at P.S.1, New York. 1984 until 1986 Karl Schmidt-Rotluff scholarship; scholarship of the Academy of Art in Düsseldorf, atelier scholarship New York City; Art Fund of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn; Philipp Morris Art Award, Munich. 1998 to 2000 deputy spokesman of the Conference of the Rectors of Art Academies. Guest seminars: Académie des Beaux-Arts Lyon, France; Academy of Art, Trondheim, Norway; Concordia University, Montréal, Canada.

Werner Nekes

1982–4 Professor of Film and Video

Experimental film maker, (amongst his films is »Ulisses«, 1980), born in Erfurt in 1944. Studied linguistics and psychology in Freiburg and Bonn. Co-founded the Hamburg Film Makers Cooperative in 1976, also co-organized the »Hamburger Filmschau« film festival. Professor at HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg from 1969 until 1972. Professor at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne from 1990 until 1996.

Dr. Hans-Peter Niebuhr

1975–2009 Professor of Media Sociology

Was born in 1944 in Lüchow. After studying German Philology, Politics and Sociology, he started teaching as a professor in 1975. The focus of his work was communication, media and (everyday) culture. Numerous publications have appeared on his work.

Rotraut Pape

2001-2004 Heinz and Gisela Friederichs endowed professorship
2004-2019 Professor of Film/Video
2011-2018 Vice Dean Department of Art

Filmmaker, artist. Born 1956 in Berlin. Studied fine arts and experimental film at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts. As a professor she accompanied many successful projects of the HfG, such as the Fulldome Project or the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image. Parallel to her artistic work, she realized various experimental documentaries for ARTE, 3Sat and ZDF. Founding member and board member of hessische Film- und Medienakademie, founding member of the B3 Biennial (2012). Rotraut Pape died on April 14, 2019 in Berlin.

Dr. Marc Ries

2010-2023 Professorship of Sociology, Media Theory
2011-2017 Vice President of the HfG
​2020-2023 Chairman of the Doctoral Committee

Marc Ries, doctorate at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Vienna, teaching, projects and publications in the areas of image media, culture, architecture and art since 1989. 1997 to 2001 Head of the art and culture provider The Thing Vienna. Substitute professorships at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (2000 to 2001), the University of Graphics and Book Arts (HGB) Leipzig (2005 to 2009), and from the winter semester 2009/10 at the HfG Offenbach. 2009 Concept and co-curator of the exhibition “talk.talk The interview as an aesthetic practice” Leipzig/Graz/Salzburg.


1995-2017 professorship for stage and costume design

Set designer, light artist, painter. Born 1953 in Gemmrigheim/Neckar (as Gudrun Müller). 1974 to 1982 studied German language and literature and art history at the University of Stuttgart as well as painting, graphic arts, sculptural work and stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. Since 1979 freelance artist in the fields of painting, sculpture and installation as well as with experimental space and figure concepts. Since 1982 numerous solo exhibitions, art projects and stage productions. 2002 founding member of the Hessian Theater Academy. Numerous scholarships and awards, including the 2013 Order of Merit of the State of Baden-Württemberg. rosalie died on June 12, 2016 in Stuttgart.

Knut Schäfer

1981-2007 Lecturer in Special Purposes in Film and Video

Radio and television technician, born in Bochum in 1942. Studied Comparative Education at the University of Hamburg. Image-technology adviser for documenta 6 in 1977.

Otto Schiffner

1972–99 Lecturer in Special Purposes in Photography

Photographer, born in Deutsch-Liebau in 1934. Studied Photography at Werkkunstschule Offenbach.

Dr. Burghart Schmidt

1998-2011 Professor of Philosophy/Aesthetics
2005-11 Vice President of HfG

Born in Wildeshausen/Oldenburg in 1942. Studied Biology, Chemistry, Physics, then Philosophy and Art History at Tübingen University from 1962 until 1970. Completed his studies with a doctorate in Philosophy (minor in Art History and Zoology). Scholarly assistant to philosopher Ernst Bloch for the publication of his collected works with Suhrkamp Verlag publishing house from 1968 until 1977. Lectured at various universities in Germany and Austria between 1971 and 1997. Burghart Schmidt died on February 13, 2022 in Vienna.

Wolfgang Sprang

1978–96 Professor of Graphic Design/Conceptual Design
1982–9 Dean of Visual Communication
1994–6 Rector of HfG Offenbach

Graphic Designer, born in Frankfurt/Main in 1930. Apprenticeship in photolithography, then studied advertising art at Werkkunstschule Offenbach, then self-employed graphic designer. Founded the Institute of Communications in Frankfurt am Main in 1970. Wolfgang Sprang died in Frankfurt in 1998.

Klaus Staudt 

1967 Lecturer at Werkkunstschule Offenbach
1970–95 Professor of Three-Dimensional Design, Constructional Presentation Methods and Perception Theory
1975-81 Dean of Visual Communication

Constructivist painter and sculptor, born in Otterndorf/Elbe in 1932. Studied at Munich Art Academy. Numerous exhibitions and public art projects, for example 1997 Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt, Frankfurter Kunstverein. 2002 »Retrospektive 1957–2002« in Wilhelm-Hack-Museum Ludwigshafen. Klaus Staudt lives in Frankfurt/Main.

Kurt Steinel

from 1958 Lecturer,
from 1971 Professor of Figurative Drawing and Illustration
1974–98 Rector of HfG Offenbach

Graphic designer and illustrator, born in Freiburg im Breisgau in 1929. Studied at Akademie der Bildenden Künste Freiburg and Werkkunstschule Offenbach. Numerous exhibitions and publications, for example 1994 in Frankfurter Kunstverein. Kurt Steinel died in Offenbach in 2005.

Bernhard Vatter

1984–2006 Lecturer in Special Purposes in the Workshop for Industrial Printing

Print technician and offset print maker, born in Prague in 1943. Bernhard Vatter passed away on May 28, 2012.

Dr. Hans Voss

1971–3 first Rector of HfG Offenbach
1970–80 Professor of Art History

Art historian, born in Wiesbaden 1928, deceased 1980. Employed at Werkkunstschule from 1963, School Administrator from 1964.

Prof. Dr. Hans Zitko

2010-2018 (Visiting) Professor for Perception Theory

Hans Zitko (born 1951 in Hamburg), studied philosophy, art history and German language and literature at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Doctorate with a thesis on Friedrich Nietzsche. After his studies he worked as a freelance author. Numerous publications, including essays and articles in thematic anthologies, journals and artists' catalogues. In addition, numerous lectures on topics of philosophy and theory of art as well as planning and conducting conferences on the social and religious implications of modern art. Primary fields of work: Sociology of art, aesthetics, art theory.  Co-editor of "Imago. Yearbook for Psychoanalysis and Aesthetics".

Theophil Zwang

1960–87 Lecturer in Special Purposes for Bookbinding

Taught Book-binding at Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Offenbach from 1960 to 1987. His holistic understanding of the book, which sees contents and artistic form inseparably connected, was very influential; amongst his students were renowned book artists such as Anja Harms, Uta Schneider, Doris Preußner, Ines von Ketelhodt and Ulrike Stoltz.

School of Design

Professors and Teachers for Special Tasks

Dr. Bernhard E. Bürdek

1972-9 Lecturer at Werkkunstschule
1979-2013 Professor for Design Methodology and Theory, Strategic Design at HfG Offenbach

Born in Stuttgart in 1947. Studied Product Design at HfG Ulm and Staatliche Werkkunstschule Kassel, graduating with a Diplom at the Department for Environmental Planning at Stuttgart University as well as in business administration/ economics basics at Stuttgart University. B.E. Bürdek made a name for himself with guest lectureships in Brazil, Mexico, Romania and Taiwan as well as with numerous publications, including " Design. History, Theory and Practice of Product Design " Cologne 1991/94, 3rd expanded edition Basel 2005 (German, English), Sao Paolo 2006 (Portuguese), Beijing 2007 (Chinese), Firenze 2007 (Italian). The University of Applied Arts in Vienna confered a doctorate on B.E. Bürdek in 2012.


Richard Fischer

1968–75 Lecturer at Werkkunstschule Offenbach
1975–99 Professor of Product Design and Sign Functions at HfG Offenbach

Product Designer. Born in Neumarkt/Bavaria in 1935. Studied at Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm, graduating with a Diplom in Product Design. Then worked as a designer for BASF, Ludwigshafen and for Braun AG, Kronberg/Taunus. Within the context of his design-theoretical approach of the »theory of product language«, Richard Fischer developed the area of sign functions, which investigates the operative function of products and documents them by looking at creative precedents. Richard Fischer passed away at the beginning of 2010 in Offenbach.

Jochen Gros 

1974–2003 Professor of Design Theory and Product Language

Design theorist and Designer. Born in Taunusstein near Wiesbaden in 1944. Studied Engineering and Psychology from 1965 until 1970 and Design from 1970 until 1973 at IUP-Ulm and HdK Braunschweig. In 1973 he lectured at Universities in Bielefeld, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Offenbach and Berlin. Jochen Gros worked as a trend researcher for Siemens between 1973 and 1975. From the mid-1970s onwards he worked in the field of eco-semantics and product and environment, founding the internationally renowned group Des-in. From the mid-1990s onwards he focussed on the digitalization of design processes as well as mass customization.

Stefan Heiliger 

1974–77 Lectured at HfG Offenbach
1977–2004 Professor of Visualization Techniques

Designer. Born in Berlin in 1941. Studied at Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm and under Prof. Wagenfeld in Stuttgart. Between 1964 and 1977 he was employed as a designer for Mercedes-Benz. Main focus areas: furniture and vehicle design. Founded his own design studio in 1978; freelance work for acclaimed furniture firms in Germany and abroad from 1985 onwards.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wilhelm Heinz 

1984-2009 Lecturer in Special Purposes for Technology

Born in Limbach in 1947. Apprenticeship in steel mould making, tool construction and model making between 1962 and 1967. Worked as an aircraft mechanic for Deutsche Lufthansa AG between 1970 and 1972. 1972 to 1974 Technikum Frankfurt. 1974 to 78 FH Wiesbaden, where he studied Engineering with a focus on Design Engineering. Between 1978 and 1981 he worked for MBB aircraft manufacturers in Munich. Between 1981 and 1984 he was self-employed as a design engineer.

Dr. Martina Heßler

2006-9 Professor of the History of Culture and Technology

Born in Bad Nauheim in 1968. Studied political sciences between 1988 and 1996. Sociology and Modern History at TU Darmstadt. Following this, she did her Phd here within the context of the research training group »Technization and Society«. Honorary fellow at the Institute of European History in Mainz and at the University of Bielefeld. Began her habilitation dissertation at the Center for the History of Science and Technology in Munich, which was later submitted at RWTH Aachen. Her areas of research are the culture of the 20th century, technology and scientificization processes, urban history, consumer history as well as the history of visual cultures.

Lore Kramer

1956-74 Lecturer in Ceramics at Werkkunstschule Offenbach
Professor of Design History at HfG Offenbach
1988-96 Lecturer in Design History

Designer and design theorist. Born 1926. Studied Art History, Sculpture and Ceramics at Kunstakademie Stuttgart, Landeskunstschule Hamburg and the Werkschulen in Cologne (under Gerhard Gollwitzer, Otto Baum, Otto Lindig and Gerhard Marcks amongst others). Numerous talks and guest lectures on historical and contemporary aspects of design in industrial society.

Dieter Mankau

1979–2007 Professor of Technical Products and Product Systems at HfG Offenbach

Born in Masehnen in 1941. Studied Industrial Design at Werkkunstschule Kassel from 1961 until 1966. Postgraduate studies in Experimental Environmental Design at Braunschweig University of Art (HBK) between 1972 and 1975. Designed an audio installation for Documenta VIII as well as for the Multimediale at ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe Karlsruhe. Dieter Mankau worked on various industrial research and development projects alongside his design commissions for companies such as Rollei, Blaupunkt and Meteor Siegen. In recent years he has advanced his own developmental and research strategies in the areas of process engineering , as well as new modes of operation for dynamic and adaptive systems. He founded the Institute for technology-oriented design innovation (ITD) in 2006.

Peter Matthes

1969–2000 Lecturer in Special Purposes in the Three-Dimensional Design, Materials Science, Manufacturing Techniques and Plastics and Plastic Compounds of Mineral Origins.

After completing his studies at Staatliche Höhere Fachschule für Porzellan (National Technical College for Porcelain) in Selb/Bavaria, Matthes studied Painting and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg from 1958 until 1962. During his studies he worked in various porcelain companies, studios and factories. He was a member of the faculty at HfG Ulm between 1962 and 1968 as a teacher and head of workshop in the workshop for gypsum and plastic compounds.

Dr. Achim Menges

2005-8 Professor of Visualization and Materialization in Product Design

Professor for Visualization and Materialization, born in Mannheim in 1975. Studied at Technische Universität Darmstadt and at the Architectural Association in London from 1996 until 2002. From 2002 he taught the MSc/MArch course of studies »Emergent Techologies and Design« and from 2003 until 2006 in the »Diploma Unit 4« at the Architectual Association in London. Further teaching includes a guest professorship at Rice University in Houston. Achim Menges' research work and projects have been exhibited and published in over 25 countries and have been awarded numerous international prizes and awards. 

Interim Professors

Visual Communication Faculty

Marie-Hélène Gutberlet

Curator, Film scientist
​2019–2020 Interim Professor for Film 

Felix Trautmann

2019–2020 Interim Professor Philosophy/Aesthetics
2020–2021 Interim Professor Theory of Perception

Kitty Kraus

2018–2019 Interim Professor Sculpture

Catrin Altenbrandt

Co-founder of Pixelgarten
2010–2011 Interim Professor for Graphic Design/Illustration

Atak/Georg Barber

Artist, illustrator and graphic designer
2007–08 Heinz and Gisela Friederichs Foundation Endowed Professorship for Illustration

Lewis Baltz

Photo and media artist
2000–01 Interim Professor for Photography

Ruedi Baur

Graphic designer
1994–95 Interim Professor for Graphic Design/Conceptual Design

Rudolf Bonvie

Photo artist
1989–99 Interim Professor for Photography

Mariola Brillowska

Cartoonist, animated film maker, performance artist
2005–06 Interim Professor for Drawing and Illustration

Christoph Burkhardt

Typographer and graphic designer
1996 Interim Professor in Typography

Claus Bury

1981 Interim Professor for 3D Design

Miriam Cahn

Drawer, painter and performance artist
1994 Interim Professor for Fine Art Drawing

Diedrich Diederichsen

Author, art and media theorist
1996–97 Interim Professor for Language and Aesthetics

Marianne Eigenheer

1996–97 Interim Professor for Experimental Spatial Concepts

Christoph Freimann

Constructivist sculptor
1987–89 Interim Professor for Sculpture and 3D Design

Tobias Gerber

2006–07 Interim Professor for Fine Art Drawing and Illustration

Trevor Gould

2002/03 Heinz and Gisela Friederichs Foundation Endowed Professorship for Cross-Media

Edgar Gutbub

Painter and sculptor
1994–95 Interim Professor for 3D Design

Heide Hagebölling

Media theorist and Professor for Video and Interactive Media at KHM Academy of Media Arts Cologne
1979–84 Interim Professor at HfG Offenbach

Alfons Holtgreve

Illustrator and graphic designer
1990 Interim Professor for Illustration

Hans Werner Holzwarth

Graphic designer and book designer
1998/99 1990 Interim Professor for Graphic Design/Conceptual Design

Michael Jordan

Artist and illustrator
2008-10 Heinz and Gisela Friederichs Foundation Endowed Professorship for Illustration

Eike König and Martin Lorenz

Founders of the Hort studio
2005-06 winter semester Heinz and Gisela Friederichs Foundation Endowed Professorship for Cross-Media

Jaschi Klein

Photographic artist, photographer and dramatic adviser
1991–92 Interim Professor for Photography

Dr. phil. Petra Leutner

Literary scholar
2005–06 Interim Professor for Theory of Perception/Perceptual Psychology

Christoph Loos

2005–07 Dix Foundation Professor for Sculpture on the »Paradise Found« project

Dr. phil. Cordula Meier

Art historian
1996–97 Interim Professor for Art History

Hans Peter Münch

1974–85 teacher and Honorary Professor at HfG Offenbach

Lars Müller

Graphic designer and publisher
1996–1997 Interim Professor for Graphic Design/Conceptual Design

David Quay

Graphic designer and typographer
1990 Interim Professor for Applied Illustration

Adrian Niessler

Co-founder of Pixelgarten
2010–2011 Interim Professor for Graphic Design/Illustration

Constanze Ruhm

Media artist
1996–97 Interim Professor for Electronic Image Generation

Lothar Spree

2001–02 Interim Professor for Film and Video

Jürgen Tamchina

Theater and Music director
1987–88 Interim Professor for Stage Design

Mario Terzic

Artist and designer
1982–83 Interim Professor for 3D Design

Peter Weiermair

Exhibitions organizer and curator
1990–98 Honorary Professor at HfG Offenbach

Thomas Werner

1996–97 Interim Professor for Design Basics

Thomas Zitzwitz

Media artist
1998–99 Interim Professor for Electronic Image Generation

Product Design Faculty

Stefan Apetauer

Owner and partner of the Munich-based studio Digitalform 
2004 summer semester Interim Professor on the topic of »Transportation design«

Franz Bauer

International advisor in Asia, North Africa and South America
1990–93 Interim Professor for Leather Goods Design

Hedda Beese

1988/89 winter semester Interim Professor on the topic of »Experimental uses of Micro Electronics«

Andreas Brandolini

Professor at Hochschule der Künste Saar
1983/84 winter semester Interim Professor on the topic of »Driving, driving, driving«

Wolfgang Fabian

Fabian Industrie Design
1989/90 winter semester Interim Professor for »Handling products in Technical Design «

Matthis Hamann

Director of the des Lunar Design Europe office
2004 summer semester Interim Professor on the topic of »Medical technology«

Georg Hannes und Horst Schneider

1988/89 winter semester Interim Professor in the »CAD/CAM« project

Leif Huff

2005 summer semester Interim Professor on the topic of »Portable – aids for transporting goods in the city«

Harald Hullmann

Professor at Hochschule der Künste Saarbrücken
1985/86 winter semester Interim Professor on the topic of »Crossing the boundaries between function and fiction«

Gerald Kiska

Lecturer at Graz University of Applied Sciences for Industrial Design
1994-95 Interim Professor on the topic of »Leather Design«

Ulrich Klotz

Chairman of IG Metall, the German Industrial Union of Metalworkers. Focal areas:  research and innovation policies, future forms of enterprises and work 
2001 summer semester Leitner Guest Professor on the topic of »New technologies and design«

Jürgen Lange

1981–86 Guest lecturer in Product Design and Professor for Furniture Design and Ergonomics

Gabriela Nasfeter

Fine artist in Ulm
1996–97 Interim Professor for the supervision of projects on the experimental use of new materials

Michael Oehler

Co-founder of Trippen shoe factory 
1995–96 Supervisor of experimental projects in Shoe Design

Annke Osthues

Annke Osthues Design
2006–07 Interim Professor for »Medical Design«

Verner Panton

1984 summer semester Interim Professor and supervisor of a series of experimental furniture projects

Dr. Sonja Petersen

Research Associate at TU Darmstadt specializing in History of Technology 
2010 summer semester–Winter semester 2011 Interim Professor for Culture and Technology Theories
2011 summer semester Interim Professor for Culture and Technology Theories

Herbie (Herbert) Pfeiffer

Founder of montgomerypfeifer
1993/94 winter semester teaching

Alexandré Robert

Founder of usus Interface Consulting
2005/06 winter semester Interim Professor on the topic of »Interface Design«

Heike Selmer

Professor at Berlin Weissensee School of Art
2005–06 Interim Professor and supervisor of interdisciplinary projects in Fashion, Textiles and Experimental Interior and Product Design

Nicola Stattmann

Self-employed product designer
2005/06 winter semester Interim Professor for Materials

Friedrich Sulzer

1994–96 Lecturer for CAD/CAM in Product Design, then Guest Professor for »New design and manufacture techniques «

Aleksandar Tatic

Lives and works in Milan 
2006/07 winter semester Interim Professor for »Technical Design«

Andreas Weinberg

Co-founder of Design for Professionals
2005 summer semester Interim Professor on the topic of »Water«

Markus Wolf

Lives and works in Frankfurt/Main, co-founder of Zirkeltraining.de and meso
2006/07 winter semester Interim Professor on the topic of »Concepts and prototype construction for experimental physical interfaces«