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The HfG Offenbach - that is 750 students, 24 professors, 56 lecturers and 67 employees. Bachelor's and Master's degree programs are available in two departments: Art and Design.

As an art academy in the State of Hessen, the University of Art and Design (HfG) Offenbach works along the interface of art, design and the media. Not only does it stand out for its pioneering teaching and Research & Development efforts, but also for its great openness. This is evidenced in the fact that art, media and design teaching enjoys equal status in both faculties, namely Department of Art and Departmend of Design, and they are developed alongside each other in both sections of the HfG. Another thing that makes the HfG unique is that theory and design, experiment and product, new and old techniques of image production are combined.

One key objective is that students attending HfG should be prepared for a professional world that is subject to constant technological change; another is that they are taught the basic skills enabling creative and artistic reflection. This is why the theoretical and academic subjects on offer are so important as a complement to the artistic and creative instruction students receive. What is more: HfG also offers a two-semester post-diplom studies course and offers graduates of art, design, the media or related sciences the opportunity to gain a doctorate.

Incidentally, unlike many other universities and academies offering Bachelor’s/Master’s degrees, HfG has retained its traditional qualification of a Diplom in Design. After all, especially in the design disciplines the kind of in-depth studies that only such a course allows are of great importance.