Photography and Curatorial Practice

The event offered as part of the seminar "Feedback" provides photography students with supportive guidance in the development of their artistic projects. Anne-Marie Beckmann shares the experience of her many years of curatorial practice and supports the students in all phases of project development and creation. 

The program is also accompanied by joint visits to exhibitions. All phases of exhibition conception and realization will be presented in the exhibition space of the Photography Foundation. In addition, museums in and around Frankfurt and especially institutions that showcase emerging artists will be visited: Frankfurter Kunstverein, basis, Kunstverein Familie Montez, atelierfrankfurt and MARS Frankfurt among others.

In addition, it is planned to develop a joint exhibition project with the students per semester or academic year and to present their own works and/or those of other artists in exhibition spaces such as Magma Maria. Central questions of exhibition conception, such as theme, title, scope, selection, planning, implementation and mediation will be dealt with and put into practice.