Design Institute for Mobility and Logistics (DML)


Logistics and mobility are among the main driving forces of the global economy. Economically, socially, and ecologically they have an incalculable impact on individuals and mankind in general. And they hold enormous development potential in store, precisely for young designers. For systemic, functional, and aesthetic reasons, design is a crucial part of the processes, products, and facilities that address this topic. Examples of projects are vehicles, sharing systems, furniture in the public domain, guidance systems, service projects, interactive systems, packaging etc.

The founding in the spring of 2014 of the Designinstitut Mobilität und Logistik (DML) at the School of Design at HfG 2014 was a logical consequence of numerous individual projects, seminars, symposiums, and degree theses over the past few years that addressed mobility and logistics.

The topic is so big that it needs a framework at HfG Offenbach. The DML is also the interface to the House of Logistics and Mobility (HoLM) in Frankfurt’s Gateway Gardens district right next to the airport, which opened in June, 2014.

Since fall 2014 more than a dozen universities and just as many companies have bee working at HoLM on research into and the development of mobility and logistics themes. The DML has rooms of its own there for research assistants, students, students working on theier degree thesis, and doctoral students. The DML is engaged in publicly sponsored innovation projects and third party-funded projects for companies and institutions. Design work for mobility, logistics, and aviation embraces all aspects of design, visualization, and design research.

The DML is targeting inclusion in long-term multidisciplinary research projects in cooperation with other universities, as well as spur-of-the-moment interaction with the movers and shakers in these sectors. As such, as of 2015, the DML will also be staging conferences, discussions, and workshops in collaboration with the HoLM and other universities and companies from this field.


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Deutscher mobilitaetskongress
6 years ago

German Mobility Congress

On 12 November, 2014, Prof. Peter Eckart is giving a talk at the German Mobiity Congress.