Material Design

Materiality and its inherent spaces of possibility – the designing of material – is a special focus, as are experimenting, questioning and researching. The interface between an idea and its materialization holds great functional and formal potential. Here the conceptual and contextual incorporation of materialization is often re-interpreted, based on a primarily experimental and research-intensive methodology.

In this field of teaching all classes of the basic and advanced courses – and including the choice of topics in postgraduate studies – make up a homogenous, interdisciplinary program. This is geared less towards a dogmatic reduction and more towards the diverse analog and digital media for the generation of forms and materialization of three-dimensionality. It is about getting to know materials, structures and systems, their properties, their technological, physical, chemical characteristics and sensory properties. 

Institute for Material Design (IMD)


Valentin Brück

Lara Bohe

Emilie Burfeind

Kira Bernauer

Noa Haller

Johannes Bietz

Leo Neunzerling

Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden

Steffen Reiter

Digitale Materialinformation

Carolin Pertsch

Materialorientierte Gestaltung im Spannungsfeld zwischen Design und Naturwissenschaft

gemeinsam mit der Universität Göttingen

Valentin Brück

Die Rolle des Materials als Akteur im Gestaltungsprozess

Meri Zirkelbach


gemeinsam mit der EMPA/CH


Ziyu Zhou, Politecnico di Milano/I


Dr. Nico Reinhardt

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Aqualux von frauke taplik


Frauke Taplik

Sintered textiles von christina timmann

Sintered Textiles

Christina Timmann

Zeitschmecken von lukas porstner


Lukas Porstner

Venedig gruppenprojekt


Group project 

Fischleder von nora etmann

Fish leather

Nora Etmann

Traumraum gruppenprojekt

Dream space

Group project 

Light skin 01

Light Skin

Martin Pohlmann, Julian Schwarze