Prepress and Industrial Printing

In the Basic Course, we will communicate which of the five possible printing methods are used to print on which materials and what the basic requirements for each are. Printing method analysis and specialist nomenclature will be applied and implemented here. Be it banknotes or T-shirts, magazines or posters, and of course book printing – everything is explained and reconstructed by looking at examples. Color theory and a knowledge of the different papers as well as their applications are further topics covered in the course. Subsequent courses look at using offset printing and students are taught the skills necessary for printing in A1 format independently: so they can create posters, brochures, diplomas – even entire books. 


Ralf Bruch

Basic Course

  • Creating print-ready documents using current programs and indispensable guidelines of the graphic industry in order to ensure the smooth conversion of text and image into suitable data files and their operationally in the various printing processes and applications.
  • Means of control and printing on a laser or inkjet printer in A3 format.
  • Communication of an extensive specialist nomenclature and effects of various options for using settings in the context of creating print-ready files and their indispensability such as PDF and so forth.
  • Last but not least, aesthetics when using programs and implementing designs.

Subsequently students can design and implement their own work in follow-on courses all the way up to their diploma certificates being printed. 


Teacher Wolfgang Rademacher and student Anna Skopp while working on the offset printing machine »Mailänder 350«