11 November 2019

The Triangle: Conversations about Art and Politics

07:00 PM
Das dreieck 3 19uhr

#3 Freedom of art

In a triangle with two further guests each, philosopher Juliane Rebentisch, Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetics at the HfG Offenbach, discusses topics in the field of tension between art and politics.

The third series, which this time will take place in the Lenbachhaus, focuses on the freedom of art. In the heated debates about "censorship from below," "Cancel Culture," and "trigger warnings," there is at least agreement that art has a social dimension. The only question is how to understand it more precisely, what this means for understanding the freedom of art, and what consequences it has for the self-understandings of the institutions that deal with art. Katja Kobolt (freelance curator) and Matthias Mühling (Lenbachhaus) discuss with Juliane Rebentisch.

11 November 2019, 7 pm


Luisenstraße 33

80333 München​


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The Triangle: Conversations about Art and Politics

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