20 September until 22 September 2019

Feinwerk: Entremets

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Poster: Anna Pietocha

Also in this year the HfG Offenbach takes part in the Feinwerk market for real things within the scope of a cooperation. "Tafelkultur" is the topic that students under the direction of Felix Bröcker, who is preparing a doctorate at the HfG on visual staging strategies in the European high kitchen, have dealt with.

The students deal with the concept of "entremets" in relation to food and art. "Entremets" go back to medieval banquets and literally mean "something between the courts". On the Feinwerkmarkt the students present their intermediate dishes. Objects, performative performances, edible sculptures: the results are very different in nature. 

With the friendly support of the friends of hfg.

20–22 September 2019

Opening hours

Fri 2–7pm, Sat 11am–7pm, Sun 11am–6pm

Schloss Fasanerie

36124 Eichenzell (bei Fulda)