Visual Informatics

Christos luminale

Student project for Luminale 2014: ​Christos Voutichtis
Electronics + programming: Stephan Blanché
​Supervisor: Prof. Markus Holzbach
Ölhalle Offenbach, 30. März–4. April 2014

Courses in Electronic Media not only include classic fields such as video compositing, 3D animation or audio processing. Indeed, for many years instruction has also included working with programming and programming languages. Originally very much oriented on the rapidly expanding World Wide Web, in the artistic context programming is increasingly being employed for generative design and interactive installations, for example. Specially developed programming languages such as Java-based processing greatly facilitate things for beginners. Moreover, hardware platforms have also been developed, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, which enable students with relatively little knowledge of electronic media to create multimedia controls for visual, acoustic as well as kinetic installations. By offering special lectures (e.g., on electronics) and making available technical equipment such as sensors, microprocessors and diverse electronic components, realizing complex multimedia installations is no longer an insurmountable task.

Christos luminale2