19 February until 23 February 2019

Type To Come

07:30 PM, Klingspor Museum, Offenbach
Klingspor werkschau

An exhibition of the typography students of the HfG Offenbach, which was taught this semester by the Klingspor Institute for Type Design. The exhibition shows both the results of the various working groups and, in particular, the development process in the form of sketches, designs and experiments. 

The task for the students initially required the invention of an application. "A thing that doesn't exist today, but everyone will know in ten years' time". A complete corporate design should be created for this fictitious thing. The focus was on a tailor-made font design as part of a typographic concept. In addition, emojis, graphics, patterns or other design elements could also be incorporated into a final Opentype font file of the font.

In addition to the regular course, the groups were supervised on various dates by guest lecturers, experienced type designers such as Akiem Helmling, Just van Rossum or Maurice Göldner. For a whole day, the guests supported the students with criticism, tips and tricks for their projects. In the evening, each guest gave a lecture at the Klingspor Museum and two of the guests also held workshops.


19 February 2019, 7:30 pm

Klingspor Institute for Font Design

Klingspor Museum Offenbach

Herrnstraße 80

Offenbach am Main