13 December 2023

Lecture Performance Portrait XO

06:30 PM

RAISE warmly invites you to an evening with the acclaimed transdisciplinary artist and independent researcher Portrait XO (she/they). At the heart of her work lies a deep engagement with societal biases, a thoughtful translation of speculative views on Artificial Intelligence and a critical examination of AI's impact on creativity, identity, underrepresented cultures, and society as a whole. Portrait XO, renowned for her innovative explorations in computational creativity and AI collaboration, has seen her approach to AI audiovisual art evolve through various artist residencies. These include the NEW NOW FESTIVAL and BBA Gallery in 2022, and Factory Berlin x Sonar+D in 2020, where she focused on computational creativity and human-machine collaboration. She holds a monthly radio residency with CO:QUO (CO-CREATE STATUS-QUO) on Refuge Worldwide Radio.

Amongst others, Portrait XO performed, presented and exhibited at Ars Electronica, Sónar +D, Amsterdam Dance Event, UN AI for Good Summit and SXSW. She has been awarded with the first German human-AI jazz prize Jazzki, has been acclaimed for her sonic innovation with AI audio group Dadabots, securing the 'Best Experiment' award at the VUT Indie Awards 2021 and the Eurovision AI Song Contest Jury Vote for 'most creative use of AI' in 2020.

About RAISE (Research on Artificial Intelligence in Sound and Musical Expression):

Within the framework of the RAISE research project at HfG, the interactions and relationships between Artificial Intelligence, sound and musical expression are being explored. This includes both the investigation of already established machine learning frameworks and AI-based applications in the field of sound generation and processing, as well as the development of special tools for AI-supported processing of audio signals. Aiming to democratize AI-based technologies for sound creators of all skill levels, including those without machine learning experience, RAISE focuses on making AI-based technologies accessible for  practitioners across various sound production domains.

We're offering free drinks – first-come, first-serve.

further information:

13. Dezember 2023, 18:30 Uhr

Westflügel, Raum D101 (Elektronische Medien)