18 February 2016

Jifei Ou: Mattering Materials - on material, design and interactivity

05:00 PM, Raum D201

Jifei Ou: Mattering Materials - on material, design and interactivity

Jifei Ou (欧冀飞) is a PhD candidate and researcher at MIT Media Lab, where he focuses on the tunable material properties in Human-Computer Interaction. As a designer, he is interested in new interactions that emerge from programmable materials. As a researcher, he works on designing and fabricating smart materials that are active, adaptive and narrative. His works have been published in academic conferences such as User Interface Software and Technology (UIST, 2013 & 2014), Tangible Embodied and Embedded Interaction (TEI, 2014 & 2016) and Computer Human Interaction conference  (CHI, 2015 & 2016). He has been interviewed by online media such as Science Friday, Forbes and Discovery. He was awarded by design competitions among others such as IXDA award (2016), CORE77 design award(2015) and iF design award(2015). He has been tightly working with industry collaborators such as New Balance, Target, Autodesk, and Brookstone to push the research into the real world.

Jifei Ou is an HfG-Alumnus and has studied in the field of technical and open design in the discipline of Prof. Frank Georg Zebner (Dean of School of Design). Jifei Ou's presentation on thoughts and things is a part of the lecture series of the material archive of the school of design.

February 18th, 2016, 17–19

Westflügel Loft D201