23 January until 24 January 2017

HOT POTS (What Artists Cook Up in Clay)


What is that attract some artists to clay? How have they used it in their works? Artist Betty Woodman once say that there is a simple reason why she decided to use clay in her work: »out of nothing, you make something— it’s magic.« Making, firing, glazing. The magic of clay is the supernatural of everyday life. For millennia, clay has been used to make all kinds of things: from simple tools like pots, pans, and plates to jewels, statuettes and tools for religious rituals. Using clay can become a ritual dance: for instance, for artist Lynda Benglis working with clay is like dancing: »I feel the clay; I am the clay… I am the material and what I am doing is embracing it and allowing it to take form.« Like Benglis, artists Betty Woodman and Mary Heilmann too made the process of working with clay and producing ceramics as sort of ritual dance that, over the years, has allowed them to reinvent a tradition that have been around for centuries. During the workshop we will look at the ceramic production of Benglis, Woodman and Heilmann, and how this particular type of artistic production relates to their more general interests and artistic practices.

23 January 2017 // Mon 7 pm // Geleitsstraße, EG

Tiefsee*Film with Federica Bueti 

24 January 2017 // Tue 10 am // Geleitsstraße, EG