18 June 2019

HfG + MIT + Computational Design + Mercedes Benz

07:00 PM, Room 312
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HfG + MIT + Computational Design + Mercedes Benz

Lecture by HfG graduate Steffen Reichert, Designer Mercedes-Benz Advanced Digital Design.

Steffen Reichert will report on his current work as a computational designer at Mercedes-Benz Advanced Digital Design as well as present other earlier projects from his work as a designer. His work and career path are characterized by an extraordinary diversity and variety:

In 2008 he graduated from the HfG Offenbach in product design (with distinction), in 2010 he received his Master of Science in Design and Computation (SMArchS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) he also worked as Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant and Class Instructor (2009-2010) and at the Harvard Graduate School of Design as Teaching Assistant in "Computational Design and Material Gestalt Performative Wood" with Prof. Achim Menges (2009). From 2010 to 2016, he was a PhD student and Research Associate at the Institute for Computational Design (ICD) in Stuttgart where he researched biologically inspired, anisotropic design systems, especially on the relationship between shape, performance and production of structures in the macro range. Since 2016 Steffen Reichert has worked as a computational designer at Daimler AG in the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Digital Design department, in whose cooperation he also completed his doctorate.

Steffen Reichert's work has received numerous awards (e.g. Bayerischer Staatspreis, Ferchau Art of Engineering, Materialica Design Award, Smart Geometry Champion) and scholarships (e.g. Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, DAAD, Dr. Peter Schaefer Stiftung). His projects are widespread.

Organized by the Department of Integrated Design, Prof. Peter Eckart

18 June 2019, 7pm

Room 312