7 July until 4 August 2023

Haunted Bodies. Of Subjects, Cyborgs and Ghosts

Magma Maria

Identity and its acknowledgement are a contested political issue of our time. It is mobilised politically to argue for it, against it or with it. At its core, identity politics, as originally coined by the black lesbian collective Combahee River Collective, is a way of explaining and fighting for the shaping of social spaces: who is allowed in and who’s not in our society? Which spaces are shaped, opened, blocked, by identity, and in what ways? Which identity shapes which politics and which challenges politics? In this context, it is precisely the body, as the embodiment of identity, that is a site of political and artistic debate. They are read, shaped and regulated in terms of identities.

The exhibition “Haunted Bodies. Of Subjects, Cyborgs and Ghosts” explores visual representations of specific subject configurations in their mediality and artistic language and brings them into dialogue with each other. What powers are realised in the artistic identity-body-subject designs?

With work by

Neven Allgeier & Samantha Bohatsch, Louisa Clement, Un-Zu Ha-Nul Lee, Maria Moritz, Murat Önen, Julius Pristauz

Curated by

 Leon Jankowiak and Seda Pesen


Friday, July 7th, 5pm - 9pm


Friday, July 7th, 6.30 pm – Performance by Samatha Bohatsch

Opening hours

Saturday, Sunday and by appointment2pm – 6pm

Magma Maria

Hafenpl. 1-3, Offenbach