23 April until 27 April 2019

Die Kunst der Verselbstständigung

Raum D-301, Westflügel
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Die Kunst der Verselbstständigung

Workshop by Kathia von Roth 


Tue 13-15 o'clock 

Introduction and overview of the week; where I come from, what I do, activating spaces, Nowtopia vs. crisis and the art of independence. 


Wed 10-12 o'clock 

Where do you come from, where are you currently arbyteting; what do you want to learn, try out, mediate? 


Thu 11-20 o'clock 

Temporary hxbase; activating space for exchange, thinking arbyte, input output, questions, discussion rounds, experiments


Sat 11-15 h

Review, Testing, Docu + Conclusion