24 June 2019

Blue Monday

10:00 AM, Raum D-301, Westflügel
 blue monday 02

Blue Monday

Lecture series on contemporary porcelain illustration with guests of the Hutian Ceramic Community from Jingdezhen/China

The »Jingdezhen Hutian Ceramic Community« is an association of young Chinese ceramic artists and designers. This private initiative has set itself the task of reviving the ceramic culture in China and promoting international exchange. The community cooperates with 31 universities at home and abroad and offers extensive further education and basic programmes for the contemporary design and illustration of porcelain and ceramics. In addition, the community preserves and expands its own extensive collection of individual pieces relevant to cultural history and thus operates its own museum in Jingdezhen/China.


Merja Herzog-Hellstén, Klaus Hesse, Zhang Chen, Fu Dan, Qiu Xiaoxin, Peng Dan, Bao Yu, Deng Chong, Zhang Lijuan, Wu Tingying, Li Qi, Song Lili

24 June 2019, 10am to 5 pm

 Westflügel, Room D301