11 May until 13 October 2019

Abstraction and Reality: Painting in Financial Times

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Adam Jankowski, former professor for painting at the HfG and HfG alumnus Marcus Sendlinger have developed their painting in the age of electronic media. Their painting investigates the problem of the complex fragmentation of contemporary reality, which determines our perception on the basis of the complex modern forms of representation of digital media and the resulting viewing habits. Different forms and views of reality are mounted by the painters together and next to each other, or placed on top of each other as transparencies: Painted color spaces, glued-in found objects, documentary photography, newspaper reports ... enter into an equal coexistence.

Jankowski and Sendlinger advance their image research with the method of experimental image montage, which divides their images into crystalline segments / fragments with hard and painterly visible dividing cuts or staples them together as real and painted image parts. This leads to a construction of the pictorial space charged with current content and transforms the familiar visual experiences into an oscillating kaleidoscope of forms and information, which has lost an ideological determination of whatever kind.


11 May 2019, 7 pm

Poolhaus Blankenese

Grotiusweg 55

22587 Hamburg