26 January until 12 February 2024

A Stroll Past the Sign

Magma Maria
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»A Stroll Past the Sign« is an exhibition initially conceived to foster exchanges and discussions among artists residing and working in both France and Germany. First initiated with the aim to create space for friendships, uniting researches and associations. We are happy to share and enhance these experiences with you on this occasion.

In its development and throughout the diverse exchanges we had, the exhibition has further evolved to explore the intricate and multiple relationships between the internal and the external, displaying what is revealed and what is concealed. It can be interpretated as a reflection on the poetic interplays between inscriptions, signs and fictions, which cohabit with us in our shared, public, and domestic spaces.

Here is a glimpse of what is awaiting you: one vast window sheet, dividing the space into an ambiguous and unbalanced quadrature of observers and participants, spiced up by an emptied Bugs Bunny figure both welcoming you from the inside and playfully beckoning you back outside.

With works by

Cemile Deniz Alibaş, Joschua Arnaut, Dominika Bednarsky, Sam Cottington & Nicholas Stewens, Léopold Gaillard & Gabriel Day, Jakob Francisco, Nora Guislain, Hélène Janicot, Enxhi Mehmeti, Monnot Tao, Baptiste Perotin, Romain Pommelet, Martin Poulain, Mathilde Rossello Rochet, Lena Stewens and Alejandro Villabona

Organized by Jakob Francisco and Léopold Gaillard


Friday, January 26th,  6pm–9pm  

Opening hours

Saturday, Sunday 2pm–6pm

and by appointment 

Magma Maria

Hafenplatz 1 - 3

63067 Offenbach a.M.