15 Mai bis 27. Mai 2021

Hyperpainting: Fluke Helix

Hyperpainting: Fluke Helix

Team Hyperpainting (hyperpainting.net) presents its next iteration of parametric 3D paintings, staged in the media of chromogenic print and animation, accompanied by some augmented reality mobile content.

Affirming our appreciation of void digital beauty and stating our understanding of statistical aesthetics, image generation systems and mixed rendering techniques the exhibition is focused around the venue’s driving ideas: capturing the modern worlds transformational errors.

Compliant to current COVID regulations the long-play video loop, prints an AR content will be exposed in a walk-by friendly format.

Window_404 is an indeterminate art space located at the Offenbach harbor, run by students of the Electronic Media department (Prof. Alex Oppermann) of the HfG Offenbach. 

15. bis 27. Mai 2021

Instagram: @window_404

Webseite: window404.de