9 Februar bis 24. Februar 2023

die hohle Hand

Magma Maria

With works by Jakob Francisco, Lea Klemisch, Marina Köstel, Malte Niels Möller, Johannes Schwalm, Timon Sioulvegas and Lena Stewens

Magma Maria, both as exhibition space and group, have been curating, hosting and realizing projects together since 2020. We are constantly navigating what it means to provide a platform, to curate, upkeep a space and being simultaneously arists. Things that do not contradict themselves, but need continous re-evaluation. During this period of time, we have experimented with a variety of exhibition concepts, created a network and invited many new friends and fellow artists to Offenbach. So now we decided that we, the current members behind the scenes, will be giving a peek into our works in this space we named Magma Maria.

On this note we wanted to say thank you to all the members that shaped Magma Maria along the way and to everyone for coming by, supporting and being a friend!

Soft Opening

09.02.2023, 4–8pm

Opening hours

Thu, Sat & Sun 3–6pm

Magma Maria

Hafenplatz 1 - 3

63067 Offenbach