13 Juni 2023

Brot & Butter: Gaëlle Rouard

19:30 Uhr, Isenburger Schloss, linke Kapelle
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Veranstaltet vom Lehrgebiet Film

Gaëlle Rouard, film-maker alchemist specialising in the precipitation of silver on film, shows her films manipulating the two 16mm projectors live. Gaëlle Rouard acts directly on the projection of the film, slowing down the flow of the film and bringing the shutter into play, using the sound button and numerous other things which are not seen in performance. These minute actions suggest that the work is as precise as that of a musician who knows how to place a given note at a given time: here it is the particular image of the projector illuminated at a particular time, that creates the effect of a visual score that must have been rehearsed many times and is a source of admiration for so much hard work. The speed of 'touch' causes reflections and it models, by intrigue, the infinitude of minute perceptions in combinations that are always unstable. The film proceeds following the irregularities and the dissonances of forces and lights; the image works amid illumination and disappearance, and in switching on the light, the graininess of the image assumes a marked significance, so that the lines of a face and those of a cloud have never been so close in nature. Manipulation rather than editing, double projection rather than superimposition reveal a poetics of gesture on a material as uncertain and fragile as film.

Gaëlle Rouard will show two film live performances.

»Brot & Butter« ist eine lehrgebietsübergreifende Vortragsreihe, die jeden zweiten Dienstag in der linken Kapelle stattfindet. Im Anschluss an den Vortrag ist die Bar der rechten Kapelle geöffnet. »Brot & Butter« wurde initiiert von Mike Bouchet, Martin Liebscher und Heike Schuppelius.

13. Juni 2023, 19:30 Uhr

Isenburger Schloss, linke Kapelle



2011 NB 16mm 20min

The sea foams and bubbles. Gray white bleak everywhere.

Chasms and mountains. Water... only water! And nothing to absorb it all!

Other shattering shock. Brief look round of the chief. The needle progresses unperturbed.

First the sonar!

Water Diving and silver in the depths, lift up to the light and ice. Gaëlle Rouard is at the helm of the ship. Followed her gaze.

Clip image001

Les Noces Rompues

2014- 25min - 16mm -NB/Coul

Heat rise to the sky.

Fly face its end.

Sweep along bridges or run dry fountains.

Deaf are the gellinottes

Black mouth, dry throat

Drench the ground to the bone,

Like a beef wolf wheat down

Small valley in the rain,

Lantern on a nail.

Wolf tail end wolf

Soon lying and hiding

Let each one to keep watch other one


19. Januar 2023 bis 9. Januar 2024
19 Dezember 2023 Dienstag
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