8 Juni 2021

Bildhauerei »Visiting Artist« guest lectures: Francesca Gavin

18:00 Uhr
Francesca gavin

London-based art writer and curator Francesca Gavin is one of the most trusted voices in the art world. With an impressive career that spans over 15 years, Francesca knows how to put on a good show and how to write about one too. Having curated shows at Soho House and Palais de Tokoyo, she has written five books and also co-curated the Manifesta 11 biennial in 2016. Starting out from modest beginnings as an intern at Dazed & Confused, Francesca is now Art Editor at Twin and Editor-at-Large at Kaleidoscope and contributing editor to Sleek magazine. (G-irl)

Further information

The Sculpture department is taking the opportunity to invite artists to present “visiting artist” lectures via video conference. The lectures and Q&A take place on Monday evenings from 18hr-20hr.

June 8, 2020, 6 pm