18 November 2020

Bildhauerei »Visiting Artist« guest lectures: Aaron Moulton

18:00 Uhr
Portrait of aaron moulton  photo by stefan simchowitz

Portrait of Aaron Moulton

Photo by Stefan Simchowitz

Aaron Moulton is an American curator based in Los Angeles. He was the Creative Director of Nicodim Gallery, VENUS LA and previously as the in house curator at Gagosian Gallery. Prior to his arrival in Los Angeles, he was the Senior Curator for the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in Salt Lake City. He was the founder of the exhibition space FEINKOST in Berlin and editor for Flash Art International in Milan. His research looks at ways in which creative expression is purposed and managed through various traditional and non-traditional means, ranging from New Age spiritual communities, the global art world, and propaganda initiatives. He will be presenting material on an exhibition he organized in 2019, titled “The Influencing Machine". Based on the article On the Origin of the "Influencing Machine" in Schizophrenia, written 100 years earlier,  in 1919, by psychoanalyst Viktor Tausk. Moulton’s exhibition functioned as a cultural anthropological study about the legacy of the Soros Center for Contemporary Art Network. The exhibition has become the subject of a documentary, and has also informed the research of other academics who are focused on the field of culture and propaganda initiatives.

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November 18, 2020, 6 pm