19 April 2022

Algorithms in Context: Who works on AI? Notes on being disciplined by AI.

18:00 Uhr, Zoom
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Online Talk with Maya Indira Ganesh

Algorithms in Context (AiC) invites you to “Who works on AI? Notes on being disciplined by AI” with Maya India Ganesh – an online talk of the recently initiated platform AiC by the department of Electronic Media at the University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main. Dr. (des) Maya Indira Ganesh is a tech and digital cultures theorist, researcher, and writer. She co-leads a new Masters program on AI, Ethics, and Society at the University of Cambridge, UK. Her research examines the computational, social, and cultural conditions of media technologies re-shaping the ‘ethical’ and the place of the human in data-fied worlds of the driverless car. Prior to her doctoral research, she worked with feminist, gender justice, and digital rights movements in Asia and Europe for over a decade. She is on the board of Arrow, a feminist reproductive health and rights policy organisation in the Asia-Pacific region.

About Algorithms in Context

As a network of artists, researchers and students, AiC aims to foster critical debate and knowledge sharing on the topic of Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence systems in particular: From their potential for creative production to their impact on society, arts, culture, economy, environment, politics, and all of our daily lives. Through workshops and a series of online talks, thinkers and creatives are invited to explore the limits of technological advancements, discuss ethical and socio-political challenges and provide insights into their creative practice with AI systems. Over the course of this year, AIC will offer classes, provide students with extensive resources and establish a lab for AI and Robotics at the HfG. 

To register for the talk, please send an email to:
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Find out more about AIC: aic.hfg-offenbach.de
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