26 Juni 2017

When the world needs togetherness

20:00 Uhr, Geleitsstraße
Plakat ovul workshopsose2017

Lecture by Övül Durmusoglu

Solidarity is a political recognition that our futures are tied together rather than accepting diversities. It can be possible only with a politics of everybody, standing on not only feminist but also queer and marxist grounds. The first public manifesto by Ankara based LGBTI organisation Kaos GL addressed the oppression of the homosexual workers in their workplaces on 1st May 2001. The LGBTI struggle in Turkey has to be more versatile from the beginning in close collaboration with struggle of nationalism, class and militarism as well. During Gezi uprisings in 2013, the LGBTI community was not surprisingly among the first to form solidarity with other groups in the face of police violence. 2013 is also the year when the new discipline of »jineolojî« (the science or sociology of women) spearheaded by new educational structures founded in the Kurdish cantons became more publicly known in the Middle Eastern Women Conference that took place in Diyarbakir. Jineolojî constructs an alternative feminist base by a cross-disciplinary account of mythology, psychology, science, economics and history. The women fighting in the name of freedom and equality as autonomous bodies in Mesopotamia produce an almost mythological front against the angry and disillusioned young men who decided find their transcendence in violent, populist and fundamentalist groups such as Daesh as they are fundamentally excluded from the capitalist hierarchies. Long before them is the forgotten Baciyan-i Rum (Anatolian Sisters) of 14th century, an organisation which educated women in military, economics and religion to sustain themselves and their families.

Organisiert von Susanne Winterling, Professorin für Bildhauerei an der HfG, im Rahmen der AwarenessTalks.

26. Juni 2017, 20 Uhr

EG-Atelier Bildhauerei

Geleitsstraße 103