Diplom presentation Visual Comunication

8 May 2015, 08:00 PM

Doctorate at HfG Offenbach


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Students project platform

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6 days ago

B3 Parcours Kickoff

The first institutional one man show in central Europe by the internationally sought-after artist John Gerrard in the Kunsthalle Darmstadt (April 26 – October 11) promises to be a highlight of the kickoff to the B3 Parcours 2015.

12 days ago

»Gleiche Liebe, falsche Liebe?!?« (Same love, wrong love?!?)

Offenbach’s university start-up PixelPEC has made an eight-minute animation feature for the ARTE-TV documentary »Gleiche Liebe, falsche Liebe?!?« (Same love, wrong love?!?). Co-produced with Hessischer Rundfunk broadcasting station, the documentary will be shown on arte on May...

12 days ago

EDIDA – Elle Deco International Design Awards

The 25 editions of the Elle Decoration international network have chosen Sebastian Herkner (HfG-Alumnus) and his studio as one of the 2015 winners of the prestigious EDIDA (Elle Deco International Design Awards). Voted by the 25 editors-in-chief of Elle...

13 days ago

DeTao Academy

Klaus Hesse, professor for Conceptual Design and Dean of Department Visual Communication at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach has been elected to join the ranks as DeTao Master of Identity, Design and Communication.

19 days ago

It's time for China 2030

Prof. Klaus Hesse, together with Prof. Huang Jun, staged an identity workshop for students at the GXNU School of Design in Guilin for a 2030 World Cup in China.

25 days ago

2015 Ernst & Young Charity Auction

Once again this year the Ernst & Young Charity Auction of works by students of HfG Offenbach and the Städel Academy in Frankfurt, will take place during the Night of the Museums on April 25. The auction will be held in Frankfurt’s Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt.

27 days ago

Exhibition »Materialdesign«

Prof. Markus Holzbach and his team from Institute for Materialdesign IMD of the Faculty of Product Design at the HfG Offenbach, University of Art and Design exhibits research works during the Salone del Mobili in Milan.

2 months ago

HfG-Alumni on Arduino

»DaDaBox«, a student project of Jifei Ou will be shown on arduino.org.


8 May until 10 July 2015
8 May Friday

Diplom presentation

08:00 PM, Aula
14 May Thursday

Kunstflug 2015

11:30 AM, Mannheim
Logo kunstflug 4c
19 May Tuesday

Il buono, il brutto, la realtà: Margret Hoppe

07:00 PM, Isenburger Schloss, linke Kapelle
26 May Tuesday

Il buono, il brutto, la realtà: Susanne Kriemann

07:00 PM, Isenburger Schloss, linke Kapelle
2 June Tuesday

Il buono, il brutto, la realtà: Christiane Feser

07:00 PM, Isenburger Schloss, linke Kapelle
9 June Tuesday

Il buono, il brutto, la realtà: Andreas Schlaegel

07:00 PM, Isenburger Schloss, linke Kapelle
10 July Friday

18. HfG-Rundgang

until 12 July

On going


until 27 May 2015

Lichtbild und Datenbild - Spuren konkreter Fotografie

until 31 May 2015



14 May 2015


25 May 2015


4 June 2015

Subsidiary diplom

11 June 2015

Entrance examination Product design

25 June until 26 June 2015

re-register WiSe 15/16

9 July until 6 August 2015

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main

University of Art and Design

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