Eleonora Herder

IN SITU] - Situative Artistic Action as Resistant Practice

School of Art

The dissertation project comprises an interdisciplinary investigation at the interface of performance studies and spatial sociology. It examines artistic processes in public space that oscillate between scenic assembly and urban intervention.

Since the 1990s, a social, situational and above all scenic art form has developed in both the visual arts and the free theatre scene, the spatial terminology of which this dissertation seeks to differentiate. It is questioned with which social space categories the contemporary performance works operate and how these determine the aesthetic character of the works on an infrastructural production level. When does an artistic work in public space overcome more than just the physical space of the institution? When is it not only site-specific, but also situational? Which institutional conditions of production and which cultural-political demands result from such working methods? And what does the urban localization of artistic production mean for the transnational space of globally active contemporary art? Does this create a friction surface?

So far, the connection between production aesthetic theory formation and spatial sociological theory has not been very pronounced. In fact, however, site-specific performance works are particularly suitable as a focal point for a socio-spatial analysis of the production conditions of contemporary art, since in them the topographical, social and atmospheric space overlap and interact with one another. 

The artistic research project focuses on their own curatorial practice: the site-specific performance festival IMPLANTIEREN.



  • ​Prof. Dr. Juliane Rebentisch