Digitale und netzbasierte Kunst

How do we produce, disseminate, and exchange images? How does the Internet challenge art conventions? How do we mediate between the quest for visibility and the ongoing online mass surveillance and data mining?
This course is focused on the troubled relation between contemporary art and the Internet. We will analyze dozens of artworks from the mid Nineties to the present day, and stimulate group discussion around the latest critical issues in contemporary art and media theory. Special attention will be given to how the Internet is reshaping art: its production, distribution and reception. Versions, dispersion and collaboration versus originality, uniqueness and authorship in art are crucial elements for class discussion. We will examine works by artists who use digital media to produce art or, inversely, use conventional media to explore the digitized condition of contemporary life. In general, we encourage wild speculation, a skeptical attitude towards anything presented in class and a broad-minded exchange of ideas.