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Why approach a doctoral degree at an art-school?
Alongside the university research about the arts there exists another, which grows from and through them. Creative, artistic, forming strategies, discoveries, imaginations and results are not only interpreted, but are in its interdependence of artistic-creative practice and scientific reflection always already components of research. The confrontation of both forms of knowledge allows the potential of producing new awareness-levels.
The HfG Offenbach offers graduates from the fields Art, Design, Media or equivalent researches the possibility to earn a doctors degree (Dr. phil.) within the model of connecting research and art or design. There are two orientation-patterns:

Art- and Media Research
Design Research

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The HfG Offenbach
Being an artistic-scientific art-school in Hessen the HfG teaches about 600 students in both the faculties Visual Communication (VK) and Industrial Design (PG). The academic studies at the HfG Offenbach allow the combination of diverging artistic and creative fields. In the comparison of art academies there is here an extraordinary high interest on theoretical studies.