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HfG facts & figures
We have 600 students and 76 employees (of which 22 are professors and 15 are lecturers or assistant professors). Plus, there is a constant influx of visiting lecturers and guests from the national and international art, design and media scenes.

A degree typically takes 10 semesters to complete. The first 2 semesters of the foundation level are dedicated to general learning. After 4 semesters, the foundation level is passed with the completion of a pre-degree creative project. The core studies follow, spanning 6 semesters and are concluded with a degree project and thesis (in both a creative and theoretical major as well as a creative or theoretical minor). During the course of their studies, each student must complete a 12-week internship.

A graduate of the HfG is an academically certified designer. We offer five fields of specialization: Art, Communication Design, Media Art & Design, Stage Design (all in the Dept. of Visual Communications) and Product Design (ibid.). In addition, our university offers a 1-year (2 semester) project-oriented postgraduate course, the prerequisite being the successful completion of an academic design degree (from the HfG or another accredited design academy or art university).