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It is hardest to be simple

Communications Design means recognizing the essential, understanding relationships, taking a standpoint and conveying this understanding with the fastest language in the world – the language of signs and pictures. It sounds simple, but it is nevertheless a never-ending story. Every occasion has a core that has to be discovered and demands from designers a passion and a constant readiness to learn. The key to lasting results in verbal and visual communication is the talent to thoughtfully and emotionally bring complex content to a point. Simple is more than the most difficult. Idea, concept and design should make themselves useful, in conjunction with the implemented media, visualization means and publication technology. Being understandable carries just as much weight as being daring and individual. A poster, image, Internet site or annual report will always be judged differently from art. The context is the most defining factor for perception, defined by an individual or any number of aspects: the occasion, the job, but also a moment of surprise or relevance for society. It is exactly this complexity, however, which makes a cross-disciplinary approach attractive. So a designer can choose from a range of concentrations and modules: corporate design, corporate communication, editorial design, poster design, copy, typography, type design, book design, information design, interactive design or communication in space. In 2006, the Communications Design department at the HfG Offenbach achieved the number one ranking among creative universities (Focus/ADC).

Prof. Klaus Hesse